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Stephanie La Torre: Brightening the World of Web Design

Honesty is a very expensive gift. Do not expect it from cheap people” – Warren Buffett
Honesty and pursuit of the truth is the way of the wise. Lies and deceit can help achieve short term goals. However, they also shackle and break the human spirit in the long run. A weak mind and spirit cannot bear the burden of a liberated consciousness.
Honesty is applicable in all walks of life and allows us to achieve something invaluable in the context of business: true insight. Moreover, honesty is also the essential basis of other values such as meaning, understanding, and trust.
One entrepreneur who leads the path of entrepreneurial success with an honest approach and true insight is Stephanie La Torre.
A Rebel who found her Cause
Stephanie is the Founder and CEO of EGM, and also the driving force behind the company.  EGM offers clients a range of website building services that include lessons, courses, DIY, and personalized features. Stephanie believes that by using EGM’s services, anyone can build the website of their dreams in a cost-effective manner.
The concept of EGM occurred to her during a vacation to Mexico. She realized there that her spirit was chained to a 9-to-5 schedule, and she yearned to experience life on her own terms.
Stephanie had always been a bit of a rebel and she believes that it is an essential quality in every good entrepreneur. She used her instincts and applied it to her area of interest, computers and web design, going out of her way to read every book she could on those subjects.
Over time, she mastered everything from SEO and HTML to WordPress, social media and funnel marketing. Then, she applied her knowledge, passion and drive to create a successful web portal.
EGM was born.
A Pillar of Strength
Stephanie believes that three main reasons make EGM the best option for anyone who wants to create a website.
Firstly, Stephanie and her team are committed to delivering honest solutions. They do not try to sell unnecessary add-ons which, unfortunately, is a widespread practice in the field.
Next, EGM helps clients build aesthetically-appealing websites which generate more visits, more customers and more revenue.
Finally, Stephanie believes in delivering function and utility, and that belief translates into powerful websites for her clients.
To further accelerate the growth of the company, Stephanie has put in place a clear strategy and strong practices which ensure appealing design and cost effective solutions. Web design technology itself is constantly progressing and evolving; many new options present themselves in a relatively short period of time compared to other fields.
EGM and Stephanie constantly have their ear to the ground, and adapt their own products and services to offer the best, most relevant and most effective options.
Stephanie says she is blessed with a pillar of strength in her life, which compels her to excel and to take the company to new heights – her husband. In him, Stephanie has found unconditional support during her darkest moments in business and periods of self-doubt.
Her husband stood by her when she decided to quit her day job and when she struggled to build EGM, and he continues to be the bedrock of her success. Stephanie firmly believes she would not have achieved what she has without his constant encouragement and support.
Creativity, One Client at a Time
Stephanie has a clear vision for bringing innovation and creativity to her work. She believes in personally interacting with clients as often as possible. Because she resides in a small town in Italy, this usually means holding e-conversations with clients and web design enthusiasts.
Through these conversations, she learns of their requirements and expectations, and then formulates effective ways of matching those needs. They have helped Stephanie gain priceless insights into the industry.
She believes that misinformation remains an industry-wide issue, and that many clients are misled into buying SEO and website building services that they do not need. For example, expensive blog hosting services are recommended to websites which operate solely as a portfolio.
Stephanie believes that to integrate creativity in their websites, clients need to remain focused on their priorities and not try too many different things on the outside chance that it might help.
A Vision of the Future
Stephanie has many projects in the store for the future, including a new website of resources dedicated to children and adults who have lost their parents to cancer. She has herself lost family members to the disease and intends to contribute as much as she can to those who are facing similar difficult circumstances.
She also has a vision for empowering women and bringing about social change. Stephanie says that it is unfortunate that so many hardworking women are stuck in jobs where they cannot spend as much time with their families as they would like. She recommends that they start a business and take control of their financial as well as their personal lives.

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