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Solvera Lynx: Delivering Comprehensive Solutions for Energy Management

Energy management is no longer an engineering issue, but a question of infrastructure which is based on information and communications technologies. In order to improve operational processes and energy efficiency, companies need to invest in energy management. The ultimate success depends on the ability of system and devices to securely and reliably interconnect via a network, believes Solvera Lynx and thus, provides innovative and comprehensive solutions for smart energy management (EM).
Solvera Lynx combines interdisciplinary knowledge in energy, information, and economy and introduces modern information technology and advanced energy services to the demanding technical fields of energy, industry, and transport.
Holistic Approach
Solvera Lynx provides a cost-effective package of integrated software and hardware that guarantees a complete overview of its customers’ energy consumption. Implementation of its solutions allows companies to accomplish primary EM goals including holistic monitoring of energy efficiency performance and reduction of energy consumption.
A wide range of business applications can benefit from Solvera Lynx’s solutions which include Energy & Utilities, Telecom, Oil and Gas, Factories, Building and Facilities, Industry, Agriculture, Smart City, Transport, and Logistics. The company has already provided tailor-made solutions for the projects including smart metering (electricity, gas, water, air renewable energy), volume monitoring (fuel tanks/containers), different types of analyses (air quality, temperature, humidity), tracking/localization, and machine status monitoring.
Comprehensive Solutions with Multi Benefits
Introduction of new energy management system and usage of Solvera Lynx’s innovative software (GemaLogic®) and hardware (ComBox.L®) solutions brings the following benefits to its customers:-
Holistic control over energy use-

  • Digitalization of energy data
  • Consolidation of all energy data in one place, no switching between systems
  • Establishment of a benchmarking process & insights into energy consumption (energy efficiency KPIs)
  • Quick identification of areas for improvement

Lower energy consumption by up to 7%-

  • Reduction of energy consumption through monitoring and analysis detecting problematic areas that can be improved with minimal or no capital investment
  • Transparency of energy saving actions
  • Detecting leakages

Lower energy costs-

  • Reduced energy use = reduced energy bill
  • A tax refund / financial aid in the form EBRD credit or development schemes
  • Cutting down on maintenance costs due to reduced stress on systems
  • Introduction of energy alerts and shortened reaction time in the event of a malfunction

Ecology –

  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Reduced carbon footprint

Compliance with the latest energy management standards-

  • Obtaining the ISO50001 certificate – a recognized international standard that helps companies to improve corporate image and credibility among their customers, clients, and stakeholders

An Ardent Marketer
Solvera Lynx has interdisciplinary team of experts from various streams. Among that team, one of its core members is its Sales Director, Klemen Logar. Klemen is an ardent marketer and passionate about sales and marketing are my passion, as it brings new challenges to him on daily basis. He believes that every account is different and therefore, thinking out of the box is crucial for success. This drives him forward to go an extra mile to help customers grow their business and profitability.
Klemen carries ability to establish credibility with decision makers through his consulting approach. This in turn enables him to assist companies from various fields to accomplish primary energy management goals.
Staying ahead in the Competition
Solvera Lynx delivers end-to- end solutions for holistic energy management with advanced software & hardware. The company develops its software and hardware solution in-house, and thus, it is ready for almost any EM challenge, which requires custom-made, unique, future-oriented solutions. It has an interdisciplinary Energy Management team of experts (IT, ICT, energy management) with 17 year+ experience and professional energy management certification.
In addition, Solvera Lynx also holds the certifications of TÜV SÜD, ISO, LoRaWAN, which exemplifies its qualitative approach. Besides these, the company has the real experience of working in the hardest industrial environments which include inhospitable, with high moisture rate, extreme temperature conditions and far-spread production areas where LoRaWAN communication is the only suitable alternative to the classical wired system or 3G/4G networks.
Satisfied Clienteles
“Solvera Lynx has helped us to join the top 10 % most energy-efficient cement factories in Europe. Our company wanted to understand into details the energy flow through the company and we were looking for a system to handle energy consumption data automatically. After 16 months of good operations, we are highly satisfied with our choice”, Salonit is now able to monitor its energy efficiency performance. The good thing is that we now have a reliable picture of energy consumption which is shared throughout the organization. We plan to reduce our energy consumption in the long run.”-  Magda Gabrijelcic, Energy Manager in Salonit Anhovo Company
“By using the GemaLogic energy management system here at BTC d.d., we are able to track the consumption of different energy sources in all our objects from a single reading point in a simple and easy-to-use way. The system is an excellent tool for monitoring the data, setting alarms and enables us to use energy effectively and cut energy costs.”- Tomaž Damjan, BTC Company