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Simple Ways to Bring People Back to the Orlando Office Scene

It’s hard to escape the shift in work patterns of the last few years. More people than ever are working at home every day or managing a hybrid schedule between their home office and the business’s building. However, pandemic restrictions have eased over the last months, and companies are expecting more staff to return and restart the daily commute. People are resistant, and it’s easy to see why when looking at the benefits of remote hybrid working models. However, there are several ways to manage expectations, and the guide below has the top picks.

Be Upfront

The best thing that any management team can do for their employees is to be upfront. Nobody wants an environment with strict rules and restrictions on people’s time and agency. It is a recipe for disaster in many ways. Suppose an upfront, honest approach that is adopted with clear communication about why this change is happening and what that entails for everyone on the ground. In that case, people will be more likely to accept the evolving format.

Make the Office Space More Appealing

People will be more likely to engage with an office that meets their needs positively. All the tools for a successful, productive workday have to be in place, and thankfully this is easy to achieve. Find a company that lets you rent, like Common Sense Office Furniture, which provides office furniture in Orlando, FL, and allows a business to explore the various options. It ensures you can better vet what works vs. what doesn’t for employees and management.

Build On Engagement Strategies

A whole world of engagement strategies can be tailored explicitly toward encouraging people back to the office arena. Engagement is vital for many reasons, including retention rates and productivity.

  • Reimbursements for commuters
  • Office-led ride shares
  • Hot drinks in the canteen
  • Morning stand-up meetings
  • Incorporating office attendance into KPI trajectories

Employees, especially those enjoying and benefiting from remote work, will want to feel it is worth their time and adds value to their role. As a company, it is your job to show them why they have to be there. Engagement is a delicate process. It is only sustainable if it is itself sustained.

Promote the Strengths of In-Person Work Models

There must be an apparent reason for wanting people back in the office. It feeds into consistency and a healthy, open narrative. Alongside being upfront, there is value in staying consistent and focusing the conversation on positive promotion. Have a schedule and stand by it as much as possible. Ensure that management is showing up reliably and emphasize the positive social aspects of collaborative, in-house working. There are limitations to video meetings, and all of this is valid. Empower employees by reassuring them their time and commute are valuable and worth the effort.

Bringing people back to the office scene in Orlando will come with challenges. Thankfully, these are never insurmountable. Getting employees back together will always come with resistance, but the focus should always be on positive engagement.

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