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Vaishali Mutalik, Founder & Director, ShieldByte Infosec

ShieldByte Infosec: Your Trusted Information Security Partner

When was the last time you did a complete cybersecurity audit? If it has been longer, the risk of you being a victim of cyberattacks is higher.

For organizations, having information security policies and procedures in place is not enough to ensure that their information assets are well protected and secured. Performing a review and keeping a regular check on the effectiveness of security measures is also essential to ensure their networks, systems, data, and customers are protected from the rising tide of cybercrime.

An information security and process consulting firm, ShieldByte Infosec, has got it all covered.

ShieldByte Infosec was founded with the mission to provide the finest services for cybersecurity, information security, and data privacy. Industry veterans started the company to render a full spectrum of audit services to protect critical information against internal and external threats. The company remains committed to serving global corporations across all industries.

Shieldbyte Infosec was founded by Vaishali Mutalik, having more than three decades of experience. She is an expert in information security and data privacy framework and enforcement of IT security processes to build cybersecurity strategies & architectures.

We at Insights Success caught up with Vaishali Mutalik, the Founder and Director of ShieldByte Infosec, to know more about the company.

A Proven Methodology

ShieldByte is engaged in ensuring the security of information through a variety of security services, thus helping detect and prevent theft of information by both outsiders and insiders. Its proven methodology provides actionable steps for ensuring better information security systems. The company provides solutions that enable confident oversight and validation of audit readiness for internal policies, industry, or government regulations; and the safekeeping of confidential information, trade secrets, intellectual property, critical infrastructure, and other digitally-managed assets.

At ShieldByte, web application security assessment is designed to continually monitor website security, helping to identify and protect against application vulnerabilities.

Leveraging Emerging Technologies

Shieldbyte has been able to leverage emerging technologies like AI, IoT, and automation that have produced unprecedented opportunities in the market. Along with this, with extensive research, the company has been able to launch an audit platform for third-party vendor risk management entitled ShieldRisk AI. Implementation of AI and automation has helped the teams to be able to have control of the client data and hence, is able to detect any security threat at the very beginning.

“ShieldRisk AI, a unified platform, simplifies Third-Party Vendor Assessment, vendor audit and due diligence. The platform conducts audits for diversified organizations to ensure the empanelment of complaint Vendors or Service providers,” asserts Vaishali.

Having Distinguished Process of Working

During its years of operations, ShieldByte has been able to grow continuously through embracing new optional technologies and possibilities. The company has been able to sum up the cyber security functions under three major heads of Identify, Analyze, and Comply. The team works with an ideology that allows it to think of technology from a cybersecurity context. Such a distinguished process of working has yielded success in preventing cyber-attacks.

Providing Best Cyber Security Solutions to Clients

ShieldByte Infosec, is an industry pioneer with over 15 decades of cumulative experience in offering their clients with best cyber security solutions. The company has recognized the development of the technological aspects that have directly interfered in the business operations of client companies.

Below is feedback from one of ShieldByte Infosec’s Happy Client:

“We availed audit services from ShieldByte Infosec, and we are truly amazed with the competence and professionalism.” —⁠— MDIndia Healthcare Services (TPA) Pvt. Ltd.

Expediating Audit Processes with Radical Approach

Vaishali mentions that there is a profound impact of the pandemic on the compliance operations sector and related market heighten risk and cyber-attacks. In the post-COVID-19, there is enhanced requirement of IT security audit for existing emerging threats.

ShieldByte Infosec is focusing on strategies to leveraging to the advanced technical approach to expedite the audit process. Besides, it has contributed to the community by bringing a radical approach to managing third-party vendor and supplier audits.

A Roadmap Ahead

ShieldByte aims to be the leading global company for third-party vendor audits. Its vision is to exceed its client’s specific and customized security needs by delivering the highest quality of professional private security services based on trust and confidence. It strives to provide improving quality services that will exceed the requirements of service recipients and respond to its corporate responsibility to its clients, community, and employees.