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Russian Traveling: Explore Capital City

Traveling to Russia is definitely a fantastic tourist experience. The territorially largest country in the world has numerous things to offer. Some gems have even been undiscovered by the traveling community because of their locations in some distant and isolated parts of Russia. The country is vast, and some regions have pretty cold weather conditions. That is why it is usually tough to travel there most of the year.
Still, millions of foreign tourists visit Moscow on a yearly basis, and the city is one of the most popular destinations not just in Russia but in the entire world as well.
Moscow is also the Russian capital city and the largest metropolis in the country. Approximately 12 million permanent residents live there, and there is always a high number of temporary ones.
Political and Financial Center of the Entire Country
Moscow is also a political and financial center of Russia and the entire world. People have been coming there for various reasons. Some want to develop business contacts; others might search for work. Many companies have headquarters in the capital city, so it is a regular destination for career-focused groups and individuals.
Best Attractions
Tourists, however, usually prefer to visit some of the most notable attractions such as the Kremlin Palace, Bolshoi Theatre, Tretyakov Gallery, Red Square, St. Basil’s Cathedral, Lenin’s Mausoleum, and many other historically significant locations.
They also prefer to explore the city from some other aspects. They might visit different streets, areas, and parks for the purpose. Russia is known for its remarkable natural beauties, and Moscow is home to many of these. Cruising the city’s river and walking next to the bank is a favourite activity of many tourists. You can do that during the day. However, a night provides even a better experience.
Great Restaurants, Clubs, and Bars          
Moscow is also home to many remarkable and luxury restaurants, nightclubs, pubs, and bars. These are, for example, excellent when it comes to tasting exceptional national Russian cuisine. They have many great foods, and quality restaurants typically have great cooks. That means every meal is somehow special and unique and you can enjoy every moment while eating such food.
The web is a great resource where you can find various details about such locations. Best restaurants and objects have many positive reviews, and these simplify the selection. That’s a beneficial thing if you are first-time in Moscow.
Clubs, pubs, and bars are, however, excellent for the nightlife experiences. They usually provide high-quality cocktails and drinks, and you can dance and listen to your favorite music.
Get a Russian Tourist Visa
Moscow and entire Russia provide; therefore, an extraordinary tourist experience you will never forget. It is indeed an excellent traveling opportunity, but you have to consider the legal aspect of the trip as well. Russia has borders like any other sovereign country. Some nationalities might have a chance to enter the territory under the visa-free agreement. However, most of them will need a Russian visa for the purpose.
It is typically not possible to pass the border gates without such a travel document in your passport. Fortunately, the application procedure is simple, and you can complete it in just several days.
It is definitely easier to complete the process if you have experience with such procedures, but the newcomers can read the instructions on the official site of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
The first step is to approach the nearest consulate or embassy in your home country. The authorities there can provide necessary suggestions and advice regarding the procedure.
Necessary Documents
Your passport is, of course, the most critical document. It must have the appropriate expiration date, which means it has to be valid for at least six months at the moment you are starting the trip.
If your passport is about to expire soon, then you should definitely extend the validity date before submitting your application to the embassy. That’s an excellent way to avoid the rejection stamp at the end of the procedure.
The embassy staff will also give you the necessary application forms, and you have to fill these with your details. Two photos are also required, and they are going together in the same package with the condition.

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