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Roles of AI within gaming

AI stands for artificial intelligence, and while it has been around for a while, the technology is now thoroughly embedded in modern culture and everyday life. AI first appeared in the 1940’s in the form of programmable computers, which were much bigger than today’s standard monitor. At the time, the idea behind AI was to capture the process of human thinking as a mechanical manipulation of symbols.

AI became a game changer for the modern world, in which it has been for things like mechanical robots, self-driving cars, smart assistants, healthcare management, automated financial investing, virtual travel booking agents, customer service chatbots, social media monitoring and much more.

However, in recent years, AI has transformed the gaming industry. Today, gaming sites such as online poker real money provide a significantly different customer experience thanks to AI technology, creating a more interactive environment like never before.

Below, we will further discuss how AI has transformed the gaming industry.

The important role AI plays within the gaming industry.

Roles of AI within gaming

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AI is now used in almost every single game played, whether that be a puzzle game, a battle arena game or action adventure. While it isn’t noticeable on the surface, artificial intelligence technology is used to create a better experience for the player by increasing player interest and gaming satisfaction in the long term.

So, how exactly does AI do this? The main purpose of using AI is to power different components of the game. For example, it could be powering enemy bots, or neutral characters that are critical in a single player game. AI is also used to keep things moving in the virtual environment and make sure it is as life like as possible.

Let’s take Animal Crossing as an example. In the virtual world of Animal Crossing, different characters interact with the gamers character on a regular basis to keep the game entertaining. The other characters can interact and have conversations with your player while responding accordingly.

In addition, things happen in the virtual world such as seasons changing. As such, fruit will grow on the trees, rain will appear and create puddles, or animals will wonder along and interact with your character. These components of the game are all controlled by artificial intelligence technology.

What are the benefits of using AI on a gaming platform?

There are many ways in which AI technology has completely transformed the modern gaming environment. Let’s take a closer look at these below.

Improving player safety

AI is now used to safeguard player privacy in an environment where internet safety has become more important than ever. This is especially true for games that require real money purchases such as in online poker. Today, the best websites use AI powered technology to establish a safe environment for taking bets and help to keep bots and cybercriminals away,

A more personalized experience

AI helps to deliver a more tailored experience for the player by making unique gaming circumstances that wouldn’t happen for any other player. AI is capable of collecting player data which is then used to build up a picture of how often they play, what games they play and at what times. A more personalized experience can then be offered to the player based on their activity.

Preventing cheating

Cheating can ruin any game and make it a less valuable experience for other players too. AI has the power to monitor behavioral patterns and collect data that can then be used to detect if a player is cheating.

While cheating in today’s gaming environment is very difficult, AI can be used to power random number generators that make game play much fairer.

What does the future of AI gaming hold

While AI gaming has already changed the landscape of the industry, the technology is constantly developing, in which the gaming environment could look completely different in 10 years time. As more and more technologies are incorporated, from VR headsets, to live dealer poker, AI will be incorporated into many more aspects of gaming that will continue to improve and enhance gamers experience.

Overall, artificial intelligence has completely transformed the gaming industry over the last decade. While gamers used to experience the same gameplay which could be quite predictable and full of patterns, today’s game play is modern, dynamic and different every time the gamer plays, no matter if it’s the same environment.

With AI already being incorporated into so many aspects of gaming, it will be exciting to see where the technology takes the industry next.

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