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Robots Will Sooner Take Your Job- News For Those Who Don’t Know It.

Many stories had popped up in the recent past about the emergence of robots capable of doing jobs like humans. Most of us are not yet clear about the so heard stories. However, 70% of Americans expect the arrival of robots in the job places within 50 years. This generation has witnessed the self-driving cars and robots that would probably replace humans.
Robots replace the human workforce
Robotic technology has advanced a lot in the last decade. Some tech giants have tested the use of robots for assembling electronic parts as well as machine parts. One such example is Foxconn. The company had developed Foxbot, a robot that can be used for assembling parts in electronic gadgets. But the company halted the process for a while because they found out that the robotic arms were not precise enough to assemble Apple’s iPhone components. However, they improvised the Foxbot and revealed that it had resulted in the elimination of 60,000 human workers in its factories!
Amazon’s Kiva manufactures robots that are meant to increase automation, but the robots still rely on humans. These robots help human workers by picking up the shelves and other heavy objects in the warehouse. Amazon says that their motto is not eliminating human workforce. Yet, the company conducts robotic competitions as a means to encourage engineers to develop more sophisticated automatons that make it possible to identify the products in the shelf and pick up -the major job humans are performing now in the warehouse.
Many workers worry that robots will replace them in industries. Almost half of the jobs in America are at risk due to the fact that works will be handed over to robots in the next two decades. To beat this situation, workers have to move on to safe platforms that are not susceptible to automation. Although robots are currently a part of the workforce, many human workers are not aware about the near future job crisis. In the year of 2015, orders for robots and their shipment rise up to 14% and hit new records. Now in 2016, more than 260,000 robots are working in U.S factories.
Automation reduces the cost of production
A robot is just a machine and they do not want to grab anything from humans. However, the business owners will prefer robots in place of the human workforce because it reduces the cost of production. Many entrepreneurs tend to invest in robotic technology for business profits. The perfect integration of robotics with Artificial Intelligence results an automated system that may perform more accurately and effortlessly than humans. The time constraint will be a negligible factor then. With less investment, more income can be obtained.
By – Musna Mony