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How AI and Automation is Boosting the Call Center Solutions

When it comes to business success, the satisfaction of customers becomes a critical point. The more satisfied clients you have, the better returns your business will experience. This is the most sorted attributes of a successful business by various organizations. To attend to customer’s needs, and also the employees concerns within the organization, there must be a good communication channel. Busy schedule and large number of responsibilities in many organizations limits the ability to attend to customers and mostly in a personal tone. This results in many organizations to source for the assistance of a contact center automation solution.
To run an effective call center, which will require you to attend to the need of over thousands of clients within a day; you need the help of Artificial Intelligence provisions. There are humans who can handle the numerous requirements on a daily basis, but the automated machines tend to be faster, saves money and resolves customer issues before they arise. This significantly lowers customer abandonment rates and increases the rate of satisfied clients.
It is believed that in the near future, about 85% of all customer interactions are going to be handled without the much need of a human agent.
Below are the few AI and Automation Technology provisions that help organizations to solve their Call Center Customer challenges effectively:

  • Chatbots and Automated Self-Service Technologies:

The AI and automation processes are helps to reduce the work of center employees from routine support requests, so they can focus on more complex tasks. The chatbots are very functional in providing customers with real-time responses to basic questions. When customers’ needs minimal effort to resolve issues, the chat bots and self-servicing technologies helps to with instant solutions. The chatbots are becoming advanced and about 27 percent of customers are not able to distinguish the communication between human and the machines. Most customers expect that the business websites that they are visiting should have features to interact with them on the spot and this calls for more attention on the need for chatbots and the automated self-service technologies. These technologies provide clear benefits to the business and help them with good return of satisfied customers.

  • Social Media Interaction and Voice Assistance:

Social medias today are becoming more than the normal communication platforms which brought them into existence. There is the notion that, the more customers can solve their personal problems without spending much time, is the more manageable both call volume becomes and the happier your customers will be. The implementation of social media interactions and voice assistance makes the lives of contact center agents easier and also benefits the customer. Various social Medias are becoming more of communication channel for businesses more than it is for casual communication. This includes the integration of features such as voice and email linking. Various organizations are dedicating employees whose responsibilities are to monitor and promptly respond to interactions on their social platforms.
The provisions of social media help especially the sales specialists to identify prospects and provide greater access to tools that lead to better interactions with customers.

  • Omni-channel and CRM Integration

Call center provisions are beyond the phone calls and now they also include chat, video, email, instant message, or social media. The automated tendencies help the call center solution providers to locate customers in any platform they may have switched to maybe in middle of their conversation. The AIs helps the call center to enhance their interactions and provide on-demand response to requests such as when a customer requires the response of call center agent. AIs helps customer relationship management (CRM) software companies to automatically pull up customer’s records and previous interactions at when it is needed. This helps to provide the caller with valuable information about the client before he or she even answers the phone.
Automation in call centers is helping the concept of Digital Transformation to gain relevance by providing the strategies to maintain people’s data by pulling them up at when needed and also ease the communication processes along the line. Though there are a few challenges in implementing the AI automation such as high cost, short circuiting and lack of human empathy at when needed, the advantage such as saving of time, increase in satisfied customers and feasibility in the organizational processes stands with a higher relevance.