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Robert Williams: Building Relationships with Customers and Employees

Robert Williams, Founder and President of Compsys, Inc., founded Compsys in 1992, with a vision to become a full service IT company that put its customers first.
A business environment is what really makes all the moving parts fit together in the world of IT. Robert believes that his technological capabilities expand exponentially with every new generation of technology, and the talents of his tech pros can take his company anywhere. Robert’s business makes technology usable in the real world, and without leaders like him, there would be a lot of wasted money spent on research and development than any company could endure. Robert challenges his technology professionals to try new, more advanced techniques, even though they may have never been used by that professional, in order to move that employee to a higher skill level.
Robert adds that “Business leaders always make the final decisions between choices and pathways in their business. In the world of computers, there is usually more than one answer to a single question, choice or pathway, and it is up to the business professional to determine the superior choice.”
Inspirations behind Forming a Company
Robert began his fascination with computers in 1992, during its Wild Wild West phase. Ever since he was a child, he had a goal of running his own business. He says that the way computers were expanding 24 years ago, made the overlap between business and IT a no-brainer. Computers helped him to avoid many of the problems that he saw in his parents’ business generation. He was able to get things done faster, and inject himself into an industry with virtually limitless possibilities.
Robert further got inspired by the fast growth of the IT industry. He found that there is a lot of room for true innovators, unlike many other industries. Suggesting that he chose the best industry, he says “In my industry, as long as you can think, you will never stagnate.” New solutions create new problems to be solved, and solving those problems remains immensely profitable. One more irreplaceable thing about IT, is that if something works, it is very apparent that it works, and no human can really argue with the output of a computer. Robert really likes the minimization of industry politics, and the focus on simply finding solutions.
However, the really unique thing about IT for Robert, is that it is driven by customer facing performance. “We may spend less overall time interacting with people, but we serve them more productively. They really do become family, and we go the extra mile for them,” shares Robert.
Compsys: Determining the Best Business practices from an IT Standpoint
Robert worked with many companies that treated the client as an afterthought. These companies were always on the precipice of disaster, because they did not have the goodwill of their audience. The relationship was very cold, and in no way exciting to him.
Robert decided to turn this concept on its head when he started COMPSYS, Inc. He has found that putting the client first is the most important aspect of any business.
His company is known for determining the best business practices from an IT standpoint. Compsys currently provides remote support for the whole IT infrastructure of their clients. They are prominent to provide on-site services like Network Design & Implementation and Network Management. Compsys also provides Cloud Services, expertising in Proactive Monitoring, Compsys secure Backups, Private Email Hostings for Businesses, Voice over IP and Cloud Servers & Storage.
Believing in his Employees
Robert says that people think someone who grew up around the certainty of computers might cringe at the notion of introducing the uncertainty of human error into a business. On the contrary, he shares that having faith in an employee leads to more innovation than one could ever get from technology on its own, as advanced as our technology may be. “I love to see how our business “programs” cause our employees to believe in themselves”.
“If your people love the business and believe in you, they expand your ability to perform, just as if you had an extended arm or a bigger brain. This is the reason we outperform our competition,” added Robert.
Putting Customers First
The success of Compsys comes from putting the customer first, and establishing long term customer relationships.  This has always been our main goal. When they focus their technology on the clients’ problems, the client makes money.
Robert adds, “No matter how incredible you are at creating new technology, the only people who will actually validate what you do as relevant or important, are the customers to whom you sell your work.” He loves seeing his clients grow, based on his relationship with them. He believes long term relationships are the key to business, and to his personal inspiration.
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