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Renowned Computer Game Company, Nvidia Acquires SwiftStack, a Data Storage Firm

Based in Santa Clara, Nvidia, a technology company incorporated in Delaware has announced the acquisition of a software-centric data storage and management firm, SwiftStack which supports public cloud, on-premises and edge deployments. Both the companies have refused to disclosed the terms for this deal.
Nvidia approved the deal by keeping its focus on improving its support for AI, accelerating computing workloads and high-performance computing.
Joe Arnold, the President, Co-founder and CPO of SwiftStack has mentioned the one year old relationship with Nvidia in one of his blog post. Both the firms have worked together to solve the data challenges in order to enable AI at scale.
In an announcement Joe stated, “Building AI supercomputers is exciting to the entire SwiftStack team.” He added, “We couldn’t be more thrilled to work with the talented folks at Nvidia and look forward to contributing to its world-leading accelerated computing solutions.” He further included, “SwiftStack’s technology is already a key part of Nvidia’s GPU-powered AI infrastructure, and this acquisition will strengthen what we do for you.
As per the various records, SwiftStack had previously raised about $23.6 million in Series A and B rounds with the help of OpenView Venture Partners, Storm Ventures and UMC Capital. The round was led by Mayfield Fund.
SwiftStack has mentioned Nvidia as one of its customers along with Rogers, PayPal, Snapfish, data center provider DC Blox and Verizon. The company has also declared that it will continously maintain its existing set of open source tools like ProxyFS, 1space, Swift and Controller.
Manuvir Das the head of enterprise computing at Nvidia states, “Nvidia does not want to become a storage company.” He explains, “We will continue to use SwiftStack internally and put it in the hands of our customers. We are not going to sell it but will make it available for our clients.
Manuvir adds, “We’ll deploy our AI Stack and point it at their existing storage, using 1space in the middle. It makes for better integration.

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