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Job Interviews turn Virtual due to Coronavirus.

All the tech giants such as Apple, Google, Microsoft etc, have refrained their employees from visiting offices and also requested their employees to work from home due to the novel coronavirus scare. LinkedIn, which a professional working platform, has also made changes to their interview taking pattern. They have initiated virtual meetings.

LinkedIn has introduced an option for all of its potential candidates that they could choose the option of virtual interviews or postpone the interview until further notice. The company had sent out emails to their candidates that they could complete the entire interview online using BlueJeans video conference. This measure was taken keeping the health of the candidates and employees in mind.

The company had also taken similar measures to that of Google and Microsoft by cancelling or postponing meetings and avoiding travel internally or internationally until the coronavirus situation calms down. LinkedIn had to control the coronavirus situation from worsening, as the situation has already taken a turn for the worse.

Onsite planning and meetings have been cancelled to subdue the virus as much as possible. By taking appropriate precautions, the spread of the virus could be prevented