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Rego Techno Solutions: Leveraging Technology to Deliver Excellence

Established in 2016, Rego Techno Solutions is a specialist at end-to-end technological solutions. The company is committed to helping young entrepreneurs and business personnel from a business consultancy background make their online presence count. Within a year of its inception, Rego has been able to build two domestic offices and an international one.
Rego’s vision is to be a frontrunner in digital and related technologies and to deliver peerless technology-driven integrated solutions and services. The aim is to help customers leverage these resources to reshape their business models to lead an ecosystem. With a firm belief in the value of prototyping, the company works alongside its clients to ideate and build next-generation solutions, each of which is designed with a particular technology stack in mind. Rego integrates those solutions within its clients’ existing ecosystems to maximize their existing technology investments.
True flexibility, integrity, and excellence in execution – even in tough times – are the reasons for Rego’s high customer retention rate. “As a services company, we know we have to earn our clients’ business every day,” the team says.
Rego’s unprecedented success within a short span of time is founded in the team’s strong commitment to achieve more together each day. From just five clients in 2016, the company has grown by leaps and bounds to now cater to over 30 clients from across the globe.
The Rego family, meanwhile, has also grown from a team of just five to over 50 members making up its innovation and research teams.
The Story of the Trailblazers 
Mr. Sagar V. Pawashe, CTO & Director of Rego Techno Solutions has been in the industry for over eight years and leads the operations and development team. His innovative ideas and execution techniques have always helped him scale new professional heights.
Sagar started his career as a developer with a startup firm. His aptitude for client relations and deep market knowledge motivated him to start a venture of his own, which evolved into Rego. Sagar is a master of interaction, and personally takes care of every project and of the company’s training of new IT professionals.
Mr. Shashank Tripathi is the Head of the Sales & Planning team. He is a young entrepreneur with a Master’s degree in Marketing who handles Rego’s business development arm using his knack for understanding and recognizing new markets and opportunities. Shashank focuses on new projects that have the potential to help India grow technically.
Exclusive Services 
Rego’s unique approach to problem-solving makes it a popular choice for business process consulting, website development, mobile application development, CRM software development, and digital marketing & branding. Under its business process outsourcing wing, the company offers an impressive array of services that have the potential to drastically improve a client’s process performance.
The company’s website development team works to enhance marketing and designing layouts. Its group of talented young developers works together with customers’ prerequisites as their priority.
Mobile application development is a burgeoning sector because apps have become a critical element in the success stories of most modern companies. The Rego team possesses hands-on expertise in Android, Windows, and iOS application development.
Corporate digital presence is equally important. Rego has dedicated teams for Search Engine Marketing and Social Media Marketing who help clients reach their intended audience.
The Tech Industry is the Place to be 
The technology industry is one of the most challenging, inspiring, and rewarding industries in which to be involved today. It is popular with both recent graduates and experienced professionals, and has been growing and evolving at a rapid pace in recent years. Rego believes there are five reasons that the technology industry is the place to be, especially for students and recent graduates looking to launch their careers and make their mark on the world:
= A center of research, development, and innovation 
= Meaningful work opportunities 
= Stimulating challenges 
= Variety 
= High demand and high pay 
Rego’s Stand on Business Technology 
According to Rego, business technology can help small enterprises enhance their communication processes. Emails, text messages, websites, and apps can aid communication with consumers, and using several methods simultaneously allows companies to saturate their target demographics with their message.
Companies may also receive more consumer feedback through these electronic communication methods. This allows them to reach out to consumers through mobile devices in real-time.
Strongest Team Ever 
Speaking of Rego’s foundation, Sagar reveals, “It took months to plan our business idea. We were ready for the struggle but all we needed was a project on which to work and build our portfolio.”
 It took Rego three months and over 50 meetings to get that first project, and the company is extremely grateful to its first client for trusting them and providing a space in which to collaborate.
The company had faced problems in initial recruitment, too, and the founding team of five employees had to work 18 hours a day to deliver the project on time. “The team worked hard and helped us grow. It was the trust of initial clients and employees who joined us in the early phase which has helped us to reach the place where we are now”, Sagar states.
Reach Every Corner of the World 
Eminent leadership, service, innovation & learning, and results & accountability are Rego’s strengths. The company looks forward to being a global leader in several innovation and technology domains.
Rego’s plans for the future has no geographical limitations; it aims to provide technological solutions and help startups reach the global market through digital platform, wherever they might be located.
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