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Push: Chasing the Digital Oasis at Lightning Speed

Google and the digital medium has become a central hub for connecting with other people and forming real bonds, contrary to the traditional mainstream media. In 2016 itself, Google reported advertising revenues totaling more than $79 billion and is now the second most valued brand in the world, ahead of Coca-Cola and just behind Apple. Companies who find a way to break out of the online maze can rule the virtual world, which offers new opportunities every day. Hence, advertisers online are only faced with one option: Chase down their consumers at lightning speed.
One company who helps advertisers achieve this goal is, Push. The company is a leading digital marketing agency based across UK, Romania, and Denmark. The field of digital marketing allows many to compete as the field is still wide open for unique opportunities. However, the act of keeping up with new trends and aligning your company with the best ones is what sets Push apart from its competitors. Push adopted Google Adwords back in 2007, recommending an easy way for the marketers to reach clients online, with an extremely cost-effective solution. Currently, the company is a member of the elite club of agencies that work closely with Google as a Premier Partner. Push has recently won the Google Global & EMEA award for mobile innovation and was named amongst the Top Three partners for two other awards – Growing Businesses Online and Shopping Innovation.
Services to dive in mysterious waters
As mentioned earlier, digital medium is new, and offers exciting opportunities for advertisers. However, it is also a channel which has not been fully explored yet. There is a lot to learn for everyone and the medium keeps changing forms to become more complex every day. For example, Orkut was really popular among teenagers a few years ago and the platform just vanished all of a sudden. Hence, it is important for marketers to understand how to dive in these mysterious digital waters with their client’s reputation and large costs at stake. Push distinguishes itself with some topof-the line services that guarantee success for the clients.
These services include paid search, paid social campaigns, conversion, analytics, etc. These services help companies access the cream of the crop digital platforms like Google and Facebook, to make the most out of their advertising dollars. For example, working with Google through paid search can give a company instant visibility in rankings unlike anything else. On the other hand, Push is also working with Facebook to help its clients reach more than a billion people on a personal level. It is important for companies to use these two platforms as they are driving the real conversion online. Additionally, Push also offers services to increase direct conversions through website.
Recognition worth Striving For
Push has established itself in a solid manner by offering innovative and effective marketing services. The company has also been rewarded with top honors for its contribution to their clients as well as to giant online platforms like Google. It was awarded the ‘Highest Customer Satisfaction’ award by Google recently. Their expertise is not only best showcased by awards but extends to their clients reaching new customers and accessing new markets. Their passion has resulted in several high pay-outs for their customers. Some such examples include a cottage company, which expanded their operation from 50 cottages to 500 cottages and was later purchased by a bigger company for an attractive price. Their clients also include a hair clinic, which started out with a single branch local operation. The clinic now is a global franchise with over 38 locations worldwide.
Strategies and Leadership
The leadership at Push has always believed in “Staying Ahead” of the digital race. The digital race is changing rapidly and even web giants cannot put a stop to these evolving innovations that constantly disrupt online platforms. Hence, it is only knowledge and innovation that helps digital marketing companies to survive and excel. Additionally, leadership at Push also believes in some fundamentals that help their clients shine on the online platform in a unique manner.
These fundamentals include offering lightning quick speed for websites to maximize response and retentions. Consumers online are increasingly accessing websites through their smartphones which makes them more impatient about accessing a specific website. Hence, consistent online studies reveal that it is important to offer great speeds for websites to appeal to users.
Push also believes in the climate of testing, hiring young people who are in constant touch with technology and depth of knowledge ahead of breadth. These fundamental principles applied at Push makes them stand out and work side by side with successful brands like Google. Ricky Solanki and Steven Hyde, the two Founders of Push have instilled constant learning as a virtue at Push. They hold learning sessions every Friday to keep employees updated about latest trends and find new ways to push their team into the future.
The Future in the Making
The future is one of the most mysterious and exciting prospect of the digital medium. The future of digital marketing agencies could be life changing for the business world as we know it. There are exciting inventions built every day to connect our physical world to the virtual world. Leaders at Push realize that it is an exciting as well as a challenging world for them to be a part of. Push is helping businesses harvest the power of strategic thinking to make better business decisions. This is in line with the latest Artificial Intelligence trends that are sweeping traditional businesses and forcing everyone to adapt in tough conditions. Push would continue to reinvent itself with emphasis on mobile platforms which has seen explosive growth in recent years.

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