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Oskar Thorvaldsson, Founder and CEO of PureNSM,

PureNSM: Demonstrating the Core Principle of Clean Labels

A good diet is a key towards achieving well-maintained health. But sometimes, diet alone is not enough for maintaining a healthy lifestyle especially, given the current pandemic situation and the increased adulteration in the food that we consume today. Here, supplements play a vital role in providing essential nutrients to your body, which might be missing from your daily diet. Supplements can help meet higher nutritional needs as per the demanding lifestyle.
One such certified company that provides you with the best nutritional supplements is PureNSM. It is certified by two of the largest certifying organizations, UL (Underwriter Lab) and NSF-International.
In the following interview, Oskar Thorvaldsson, Founder and CEO of PureNSM, elaborates on how his company is picking up the baton for providing quality nutritional supplements to people and helping them further their health.
Please brief our audience about PureNSM, its values, and how it has been positioned as a leading player in the nutrition space.
PureNSM has always set itself apart from other nutritional supplement manufacturers because of our focus on manufacturing quality products without junk, flow agents, and processing aids with names that the common person does not know. We know people are concerned about ingredients. More people are now reading supplement labels backward, starting with ‘Other Ingredients’. If they do not recognize the ingredients, they will not purchase the product.
Not only does PureNSM produce high-quality clean products, but we also insist on being audited and certified to follow GMP protocols to the letter. Those two organizations have come and visited us many times. We are eager to pass every audit! Further, PureNSM is a member of the Natural Product Association (NPA).
Our impeccable record and integrity are the reason why many of our customers have trusted us for the past decade as a leading player in the nutrition space.
What products does PureNSM offer, and how are these making an impact on the industry and your customers?
We are contract manufacturers and do not offer ready-made products, other than through two of our legacy brands, and – The products offered from those brands follow our core principle of ‘Clean Labels’ and quality. Our sister company also offers white labels and contract manufacturing of hemp-related products.
Being an experienced leader, share with us your opinion on how the adaptation of modern technologies such as AI, big data, and machine learning has transformed the health and wellness industry, and what more could be expected in the near future?
We at PureNSM know the value of modern technology. We use technology for the identity test of our raw materials to ensure we are getting only high-quality raw materials in our products. Thanks to technology, we were able to improve our quality assurance process tenfold. One fact we know at PureNSM is that supplements are as a rule overlooked by doctors.
People primarily listen to doctors when they have a problem and therefore are not informed about the use of many supplements that can help people overcome diseases of many kinds. Further, it is illegal to sell supplements in relation to a specific condition.
For example, people who suffer from gas and bloating can easily improve their condition by taking Betaine HCL with Pepsin, however, it would be hard-pressed finding a doctor recommending that.
Without a patent there is no commercial interest in researching supplements, the government certainly does not research supplements. With the help of technology, our supplements are becoming more effective. This is resulting in more people resorting to self-healing rather than big pharma.
Taking into consideration, the current pandemic, and its impact on global economies, how are you driving your company to sustain operations and ensuring the safety of your employees at the same time?
During the pandemic, we have experienced a major spike in our sales. Since we are considered an essential business, we have remained open during the pandemic. Our operations have become much more efficient with some people, who were able to work from home if needed. We have also upgraded our facility to allow for more space for machines and employees.
What would be your advice to budding entrepreneurs who aspire to venture into the health and nutrition space?
Focus on providing products with Clean Labels. When you have a brand, you are putting the integrity of your name on the line every time you ship out your products. It is important to make sure that you associate your brand with clean labels and quality products.
How do you envision scaling your company’s operations and offerings in 2021?
Our goal is to eventually make the company employee-owned. We plan on scaling our company and using technology to make our manufacturing process more efficient. We also plan on developing new ways to transport our supplements. For example, we create functional chewing gum that transfers vitamins. We also have liposomal technology to shrink the supplements to nano size for easier absorption.
Exhibiting Excellence

  • “After studying all the pitfalls associated with owning my own supplement brand I got completely overwhelmed! Breach of Proposition 65, ingredients not matching label, purity, and recalls due to toxicity were some of my top concerns. After visiting PureNSM, my concerns were put to rest & after manufacturing with them I am completely at ease as to the safety of my business. Thank you!” – George Wilkinson, Best Scientific Nutrients
  • “They not only worked with us to make sure we were getting exactly what we wanted in our formulation, but customer feedback has been phenomenal, and their service has been top-notch.” – Vinnie Tortorich Founder & Chairman, Pure Vitamin Club
  • “I am very satisfied with all the services, especially the quick production of the product. I am also very happy with the customer service!” – Ryan Freeman, MendRX

About the Leader
The founder and CEO, Oskar Thorvaldsson’s interest in supplements and natural healing were kindled early in his life. His family members suffered from all kinds of degenerative diseases. He felt the doctors did not know what they were doing. Eventually, he lost most of his family to various diseases. This put a real perspective on things.
He started a supplement company in 1996 and has been at it ever since. He has reinvented the business countless times since then, however, his primary mission has always been to help as many people as possible. If it is sleep or food poisoning or something more serious, he wants to be ready with the purest, most potent, most reliable supplements humanly possible to make.