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Rolf Sorg | Founder & CEO | PM-International

PM-International: Making a global impact in the Health and Wellness Industry

On an individual level, working from the comfort of our homes—although involuntarily—has evidently had an adverse impact on our personal and social lives – courtesy, COVID-19 pandemic. And this comprehension has driven us towards explicitly emphasizing on our holistic wellbeing.
Companies working in the health, wellness, and nutrition space, witnessed a rise in the demands for their products and solutions because of this increasing awareness towards wellbeing. This demand gave rise to innovation and implementation of novel technologies by companies in the manufacturing of products that have a positive impact on consumers’ wellbeing.
One prominent name among the list of such companies and featuring on the cover of our edition Most Trusted Nutritional Supplements Providers 2021, is PM-International, one of the fastest-growing and largest direct selling companies in the areas of health, fitness, and beauty.
With $1.71 billion annual sales in 2020, the company ranks 10th among the “DSN Global 100” list of direct selling companies worldwide and was recognized with the “Bravo International Growth Award” for the fastest-growing international direct selling company. It operates in over 35 locations in more than 40 countries worldwide, with the International Headquarters based in Luxembourg.
PM-International gives everyone an equal chance to achieve their personal goals, regardless of their background, age, or financial status. Also, health, fitness and beauty are topics that affect everyone. As a result, the company’s distribution partners are working from all over the world and among them are many families with several generations working together.
What PM-International’s distribution partners value about working with the company is that it offers a unique opportunity for people to make a free-will decision for self-employment with no risk, freedom to choose your work time, and the ability to have a lot of fun creating instant extra income.
“Since day one, PM stands for the premium quality of our products. When it comes to our sales model, PM-International was always meant to be a business opportunity for everyone. We live by the principles ‘If I can do it, you can do it’ and ‘Simple, successful’ PM-International’s vision is to become market leader in the development and distribution of high-quality products for fitness, health, and beauty,” says Rolf Sorg, the Founder and CEO of PM-International.
Exhibiting Exceptional Quality
PM-International develops and distributes high-quality products for health, fitness, and beauty through its own brand FitLine® – many of which have a patented technology, and nearly 700 million products have been sold to date.
The Nutrient Transport Concept (NTC®) represents the company’s core competency: It delivers the nutrients exactly when they are needed and where they are needed – to the cellular level, from inside and out.
For PM-International, premium implies transparency and quality. Therefore, the FitLine® products are regularly and independently tested by TÜV SÜD ELAB, an independent laboratory service with long-standing experience in food, water, and environment analyses.
All of the company’s products are ‘Made in Germany’ and manufactured according to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), a pharmaceutical standard to ensure the utmost purity.
“We are committed to product safety and clean sports,” says Rolf Sorg. All FitLine nutritional supplement products are on the Cologne List®. This list highlights products that have been tested by one of the world’s leading laboratories for analysing nutritional supplements for doping substances.
Strong Foundations
As the Founder and CEO, Rolf Sorg has been at the helm of PM-International’s voyage towards global success. Speaking in brief about his experience with direct selling Rolf Sorg says, “I discovered direct sales when looking for a side income opportunity during my studies. In 1993, when the company I worked with went out of business, I founded my own direct sales company, to give others the opportunities that were given to me.”
Sharing a personal tip to the aspiring entrepreneurs planning to venture into the health and nutrition space, Rolf Sorg says, “I learned from experience that obstacles are there to make you stronger. And how important it is to set yourself a clear goal and stay focused on it. Here, I will always be grateful for the advice and support of my father, himself an entrepreneur and part of PM-International until today.”
Levelling the Playing Field
Talking about the challenges that he and his team came across during the COVID-19 pandemic, Rolf Sorg says, “The last months have shown us how important it is to act quickly. As a globally operating company you need to be able to exactly know the rules of your locations and to adapt your strategy in the most flexible way.
We have taken numerous measures to support our distribution partners during this time:
Digital and retail solutions
PM-International is positioned worldwide as an online business. The PM-International Team Partners can consult their customers via video conference from home and place orders online.
These are handled entirely by PM-International within our Customer Direct Program. As an additional support, we have offered worldwide free shipping for end customers worldwide.
As part of our digital transformation, we introduced PM TV last year. The online platform offers unlimited streaming of events, trainings, and information to a worldwide audience.
A secure flow of goods
During the past months, we have registered an increased interest in health-related topics. We have been focusing on prevention for 27 years – not only in our product range but in all our business areas. This also includes long-term planning and conservative financial management. Thanks to a great collaboration between our research and development department and our reliable logistics partners, we were able to secure our raw materials for six months in advance with a rolling forecast.”
Exploring New Horizons
When asked about how he envisions scaling PM-International’s operations and offerings in 2021, Rolf Sorg said, “I see it as my personal responsibility towards all our distribution partners worldwide to build a business model that will continue to function sustainably, and for the future generations as well.”
When it comes to its global expansion strategy, PM-International plans the next marketing openings for Vietnam, China, Great Britain, Hungary, and Portugal. In addition, the company will focus on further expansion in Central and South America. “Even if the current situation shows that long-term plans cannot always be realized – we will not be held back. We are flexible, and that’s the way we act,” Rolf Sorg expresses.
Sustainability is also an important topic for 2021. PM-International has set itself the goal of developing and introducing 100% recyclable packaging material for all its products by the end of 2021.
PM-International’s Milestones:
FitLine and Research
PM-International is relentlessly working on increasing the bioavailability of the FitLine products through research and development around its patented Nutrient Transport Concept (NTC®).
– In 2016, PM-International signed a strategic collaboration agreement with the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST). The joint research project ACTIVITIS aims at extracting secondary plant compounds from grape pomace, a biproduct of the local wine industry, and to upcycle them for industrial purposes in a sustainable way and in the context of circular economy.
– In 2019, the company substantially contributed to the opening of the Josef Ressel Center for Phytogenic Drug Research at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria.
– As a result of the company’s consistent innovation management, it owns more than 70 national and international patents.
FitLine and Elite Sports
Well over 1,000 top athletes from more than 60 disciplines and 30 nations trust in FitLine nutritional supplements and FitLine is the official supplier of numerous sports associations and national teams.
Within the framework of a unique sports marketing concept, FitLine cooperates with the German, Austrian, Polish and Canadian ski associations (DSV, ÖSV, PZN, ACA), the German Ice Hockey Association (DEB), the German Cycling Association (BDR), the German and Finnish athletic associations (DLV, SUL), the Olympic Training Center (OSP) of Hamburg/Schleswig-Holstein, the Swiss Association for Sliding Sports (e.g. bobsleigh), the Korean Wrestling Federation (KWF), the Austrian Sports Aid (ÖSH), the Swiss Squash Association (Swiss Squash), the Swiss and Luxembourg Handball Associations (SHV, FLH) and the Luxembourg Basketball Association (FLBB).
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