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Nitin Aggarwal | Founder & CEO | Property Deals Insight

Property Deals Insight: Simplified Real Estate Solutions

Real Estate has been significantly growing and is expected to fatten in the future. Everyone wishes to have their own house. You can hardly see anyone who does not want to experience the happiness of their own home or to have an office in a well-established complex.
People work hard to experience a higher standard of living. It is easy to predict how robust is the real estate sector and what it beholds in the future. Real Estate has the potential to suffice the housing needs of the total population on earth. We seldom get confused and think about which property is right for us? Well, now it’s easy to do!
Property Deals Insight is taking a similar initiative to make intelligent and hassle-free property investment decisions so that you don’t have to make extra efforts when looking for a property.
Here we have Nitin Aggarwal, the Founder and CEO of Property Deals Insight, sharing exciting features of the company based in London, UK.
Following are the highlights of the interview:
Please brief our audience about your company, its USPs, and how it is currently positioned as the leading player in the Real Estate market.
Property Deals Insight is a PropTech company that empowers users to make smart, hassle-free property investment decisions with a click of a button. It was born because of problems and pain points I faced along with 1000s of other property investors when buying their first home, investment properties, development projects, HMOs and BTLs, etc.
For property professionals, like sourcers, estate agents, etc., an API is available to plug into your website so you can improve the detail and breadth of information you provide to your clients. You do not need to spend hours doing the research, put the property in, and you will get a comprehensive report on your chosen property. You can produce a client document showing all the potential properties in any chosen area in the UK – giving you an edge over others. It is great for client satisfaction and retention.
Property Deals Insights offers an affordable subscription that gives you access to a powerful platform that:

  • Has virtually every property available in the UK – including off-market deals in the Deal Finder.
  • Allows you to see where the property hotspots are with the Property Heatmap.
  • Gives you instant property valuation and information on cost per square metre, ROI for rental, see how long before your investment goes into profit, and much more with the Property Valuation Reports.


  • No-hassle investing.
  • Get all the insights into the property deals in one place.
  • No running around in circles.
  • Months of research in 15 minutes
  • Automated analysis and reports mean we do all the legwork, so you do not have to.
  • Enables you to focus on what you know the best and make more money.
  • Get ahead of the competition.
  • Get an advantage over your competition, make decisions quickly while others are busy doing their analysis.
  • Remove the guesswork.
  • With our comprehensive analysis and to-the-point information, this removes the guesswork out of decision making.
  • Improve your deal closure.
  • With all the information at hand, empower your investors to make decisions quicker.

What other services does your company offer, and how are these impacting the industry and your clients?
We utilise the power of Integration, APIs, and other cutting-edge technologies and apply AI and Analytics to provide comprehensive reports and analysis, empowering both customers and clients to make informed decisions.
We offer:

  • Instant Property Valuation Estimates
  • Our bespoke AVM performs an in-depth analysis of your local market and compares millions of data points to provide you instant property valuation estimates.
  • Deal Finder
  • Our list of pre-packaged investment strategies allows you to filter out the right investment properties for your preferred strategies.
  • Cash Flow & Return on Investment (ROI) Calculators
  • Perform an in-depth evaluation of your investment beforehand.
  • Provide a SAAS platform for retail and property professionals.
  • Offer Property Data APIs to enable our large and SME/B2B customers to make use of our offerings in their own solutions and white label offerings.

About the Leader
Nitin realised that the property investment life cycle is way too slow, as even today, the property industry is using archaic techniques and manual processes, thereby slowing down the whole property investment cycle.
Nitin comes from a technology background working as an SME in the cutting-edge technology space, Leading solutions for some of the Largest Tier-1 organisations in the world. Having led industry-changing initiatives worth 100s of millions of pounds, he decided to develop a solution that will help every party involved in the overall property journey and alleviate the pain points. Fast forward a few months, and Property Deals Insight Ltd was launched
What clients have to say
Caroline Wade – Portfolio Investor
“I Wholeheartedly recommend Property Deals Insight. The tool really does provide an excellent level of depth in terms of property prices and, if you aren’t looking at a particular property, allows you to find hotspots for inspiration. An invaluable resource at this time when the market has gone crazy, and prices are at their peak. Thank you Nitin, for the extra assistance provided.”
Amit Sanghvi – Portfolio Landlord
“I am a member of Property Deals Insight and find the content exhaustive and well laid out. I like their deal finder page the most. Also, like their feasibility page for deals. Customer service is courteous and responsive. I found an issue with their login page (due to a browser upgrade), and they resolved it in 3 hours.”