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PerenniAL – Ensuring Sustainable Services in the Mining Industry

A constant resource flow flourishes the regions around it and spreads happiness to both – humans and the biodiversity.

But with the clock ticking ahead, one might ask, “is this resource flow perennial?” And if not, how to keep it so?

And here, the role of advancing technology is reflected. It is coming up with innovative solutions to ensure industrial processes produce sustainable products.

But, technology alone won’t do the charm! And this highlights the importance of incorporating REDUCE. REUSE. RECYCLE., in key industrial operations.

Considering this and the rising market demand, aluminum has emerged as a diverse metal that is delivering sustainability in the process along with maximizing customer satisfaction. It’s current trade is not only as a final product but also as a value-added product too.

To supply this demand, many companies are finding innovative solutions for the same. One company that is pioneering the production of value-added aluminum is PerenniAL. The company is shaping the value-added aluminum market by being dedicated to sustainable production and, at the same time, enhancing customer experience.

As an evergreen stream requires a source to keep going, PerenniAL has found its source in its Co-owner, President and CEO, C Brian Hesse. His hard work and dedication have made this company come a long way.

Let’s read more about this company which is revolutionizing the green metal industry.

The Inception Story

With the goal of addressing the deficits in the mining industry and making the industry resource efficient, PerenniAL was formed in May 2022 as an MBO (Management Buyout of Rusal American Corporation). PerenniAL is in the top three importers of value-added aluminum imports to North America. It is also a top performer in customer service, logistics, finance, and technical service.

Talking proudly about the company’s journey, the CEO says, “Perennial’s focus is on sustainability, and to ensure this, we source our products from manufacturers and mines that have a low carbon footprint. We predominantly service the building and construction, solar, auto, truck trailer, recreational vehicle, and general aluminum fabrication markets.”

The company, despite its recent establishment, is not limited in its services and has a diversified product range that caters to other associated industries.

Serving the Buffet

A company is known in the market by the unique products it provides, and PerenniAL stands true to this principle. It offers value-added aluminum products to the Americans. These include;

  • Billet,
  • PFA (Primary Foundry Alloy),
  • Rolling Slab,
  • High Purity Alloys and
  • Wire Rod.

But, ensuring quality with quantity is the key. Underscoring the importance of this, the CEO says, “These products are sourced from smelters and mines that are low carbon and driven to reach sustainability goals in the future to ensure our manufacturing customers can meet their goals.”

Improvisations in the Industry

The mining industry has been overshadowed by challenges related to health and safety, access to resources, environmental footprint etc, that have inhibited the sector’s growth globally. Working to reduce the carbon emissions from the industry, the CEO elaborates, “PerenniAL distributes on low carbon aluminum. We demand our suppliers meet specific requirements when it comes to their carbon footprint and their overall sustainability factors. We only work with partners who are achieving certain targets and always working to be better. Our world depends on this.”

This dedication has helped the company achieve a prominent position in the market in such a short time period.

The Industrial Problem Matrix

With great success comes greater challenges, and an efficient leader translates these challenges into opportunities. Being the leader with an insight, Brian says, “The key challenge in the mining industry is to meet consumer low carbon demands in the future.”

Though there are multiple ways to address this challenge, the CEO points out to a unique and essential solution. He says, “Mining operations are the first step that contributes to carbon content, and there is a lot of investment and procedural changes that need to happen to lower their carbon footprint.”

The Eagle’s View

Everyone resonates with a popular poem – The Road Not Taken. The dilemma at crossroads needs one to make a choice. A choice that is important and will shape the present and future. Similarly, a company positioned in a market has various options to comply to where it becomes important to have a clear mission and a vision to keep the growth curve upwards.

To supplement the company’s short term ambitions, it is commanded by the mission statement of Perennial, bringing aluminum consumers the most consistent, high-quality, environmentally focused aluminum with the best customer service and market analysis. The depth is signified when Brian expresses, “We develop long-term partners, not customers.”

According to the CEO, PerenniAL is driven by the vision, “To be the largest and the most reliable American owned and operated supplier of value-added aluminum products to the Americans while providing better than the best customer service before and after the sale with an immense focus on impacting the World with responsibly sourced aluminum.”

Ascending the Success Stairs

Perennial will scale its product offering in 2023 and beyond. It considers interaction with the customer as a crucial step in scaling business and so the CEO while briefing about the company’s future operations, says, “We will do so with low carbon, sustainable products and the best sales and service in the industry. We are launching a brand-new customer service portal in October 2022 through Waybride that will cement our place as the best customer service company in the aluminum industry.”

The Master’s Wise Words

The industry is brimming with opportunities and most venturers are trying to use them to their advantage. The mining industry encompasses everything from extracting from the earth’s service, and manufacturing semi-finished products to the sale and distribution of aluminum products to manufacturers.

And, here is where a guiding light becomes important. Showing the path to the budding entrepreneurs, Brian advises, “My best advice is to ensure you work with a company that has specific targets for their carbon footprint and overall sustainability plan. These are key factors for success in the future.