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Penguin ASI: Delivering an Exceptional Robotic System to the Mining Industry

Deemed to be the future of technological revolution, the emergence of robots has enlightened numerous arenas with its fascinating multitudinous benefits. Be it a social platform or completely commercial industry, robotics has had significant impact on it and will continue to do so in the future. Thus, industries are investing billions of dollars in robotic products, and public authorities are also discussing legal frameworks to enable a coherent growth of robotics. The prime reason behind this fast-paced inclination is an urge of innovators to cradle along unexplored verticals.
Some individuals in the robotics industry have been assisting particular industries with extremely valuable products. Penguin ASI is one prominent example of the same. Since its inception back in 2000, the groundbreaking products and services offered by the company have uplifted the mining industry for the better. It is a research and development company, devoted to the implementation of robotic and autonomous solutions for the mining officials. It offers a wide-variety of products and services that empowers the mining industry with its upheld accuracy.
An Interesting Story of Inception 
Penguin ASI is quite unusual name for a robotic company. There is an interesting story behind the unusual naming of the firm. Dr. Greg Baiden, Founder and CEO of Penguin ASI, recalls how the idea of founding a robotic company for the mining industry originated i.e., when he saw a video of some penguins. The group of penguins was trying to cross the ocean waves but somehow they failed to do so. After rigorous attempts of failure one courageous penguin decided to cross the wave alone and succeeded after three or four attempts. This ignited the motivation of others to cradle along in the same manner. Baiden pictured the Mining industry as an ocean of opportunities and Penguin ASI was his answer of crossing that ocean and grabbing hold of the opportunity within reach. The idea was further constructed into a company, which later had unparalleled accomplishments in the mining industry.
A Coherent Robotic System Supplying Valuable Products and Services 
PengiunASI offers a wide-array of products and services for the mining industry. The service list includes some of the exclusive felicitations for Mining, Search and Rescue, Disaster Recovery, Safety and Security, Environmental Inspection, Forestry, Underwater, and Space. These services are foremost in the market and have been admired by its clients for its compliance.
The company also offers a vital robot association. The products of Penguin ASI including Hang Up Robot, Sewer Robot, Geo-special Mapping Robot, Patented LiFi (Optical Technology) are unique in the market and delivers an unmatched performance. The provided robots are highly expedient and can be utilized anywhere and at any time.
Astute Thinking of Dr. Baiden Leading the Way of Innovation 
Dr. Baiden’s extensive years of Research and Development relieved his exemplary direction and cutting-edge leadership to the mining industry. He envisions empowering mining through enhanced safety, sustainability, and productivity by utilizing robotic systems. Dr. Baiden has spent significant time working in the robotics industry, and the education sector and also boasts an extensive experience as an entrepreneur. Known to be a “futuristic thinker” amongst his associates, the technologies developed by Penguin ASI are derived primarily from his mind. He along with a team of academics and specialists facilitated these developments after years of efforts, eventually reaping fruitful benefits.
Initial Obstacles in Establishment and Commendable Overpowering 
During its inception, Penguin ASI was one of the foremost robotic companies entering the mining vertical. Thus, insuring industrial clients about the usage of robots in common mining tasks was a tough ask. The company primarily focused on anticipating all-purpose customer needs and delivered products accordingly. However, Greg also mentions that forestalling such requirements and employing fleets of robots accordingly was also an initial obstacle for the exclusive start-up. Today, the company has completed over a decade in the mining arena and has delivered a reliable all-in-one robotic system with commendable agility.
Penguin ASI has received a lot of recognition from research organizations and other market leaders in the robotics industry. It has been rewarded with Technology Innovation Award 2012 and was featured in the Ten Most Innovative Robotics Companies of 2017. The empowering ability to provide innovative futuristic solutions to its clients has been the key element of success for Penguin ASI. The company credits intellectual thinking of its employees, enabling it to deliver cutting-edge products and services. The exceptionality of the products can be observed through the unique features embedded. Penguin ASI enables data gathering on every possible platform, regardless of environmental concerns, like surface, subsurface or underwater.
Upcoming Cutting-edge Products and Forthcoming Advancements 
The organization has improved its currently employed robots to the best possible level and aims at introducing some more cutting-edge products in coming years. Penguin ASI chiefly mentions Hang-up Robot, Sewer Robot, and Surveying Robot that can enrich mining sector and other related sectors as well. Additionally, the company aims to create an Optical Communications System to further advance its service division. Penguin ASI also envisions to supply industrial mobile robotic solutions across many sectors of business such as; Mining, Technology, Agriculture, Health, Undersea, Security, Space and Military. The aim is to lead the use of mobile robotic systems while growing the use of virtual control systems. The futuristic products and services of Penguin ASI have truly transformed the mining sector. Dr. Baiden and his team further hope to empower other untraced arenas with its upcoming cutting-edge robots and forthcoming advancements.
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