The 10 Most Innovative Robotics Companies to Watch 2018 april2018

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Sewtec has a global reputation for solving highly complex problems, being a natural innovator and providing excellent customer experience.

Cover Page - The 10 Most Innovative Robotics Companies to Watch 2018 - Insights Success

SEWTEC Automation: Problem-solving Robotics for FMCG Manufacturers

Specialist UK robotics company Sewtec began life 120 years ago as the machine design department of the historic US sewing machine manufacturer, the Singer Corporation. Today it is a problem solver called on to devise bespoke robotics solutions for blue chip FMCG giants. Insights Success asked managing director, Mark Cook, about the impact of automation on the manufacturing sector and Sewtec’s ambitious strategy for growth in the coming years……..
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The 10 Most Innovative Robotics Companies to Watch 2018

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Unify Simplify

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Digitech Insider

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Expert’s Foresight

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Future Bots

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Robo Arena

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Editor’s Viewpoint

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