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Panera Bread launches Amazon’s Palm-Scanning Technology

Amazon One, the e-commerce giant’s palm-reading payment technology, will be installed at Panera Bread stores across the United States. Customers will be able to connect a MyPanera loyalty membership to their Amazon One account and get benefits while paying for products with their palm for the first time.

It is entirely optional to link the two accounts. Consumers can use Amazon One for payments, loyalty benefits, or both; however, Amazon promises that integrating a MyPanera membership will allow restaurant employees to greet clients by name and give a “more personalised experience.” Some people (including me) might find it startling, but it also delivers ease – payment and loyalty incentives are handled concurrently by just scanning your palm, eliminating the need to switch between separate smartphone apps and coupons at the checkout. Amazon One will first be available at two Panera Bread stores in the St. Louis area, before expanding to additional sites “in the coming months.”

A new online pre-enrollment for Amazon One is also being rolled out, which simplifies the signup procedure slightly. Anyone with an Amazon account, a mobile phone number, and a credit or debit card can now begin their Amazon One profile online, albeit users must finish their enrollment at a physical store that offers the Amazon One service.

During the covid epidemic in 2020, Amazon extended its biometric payment technology to Amazon Go stores, saying that palm recognition not only allowed the system to be totally contactless, but was also “more private” than alternative biometrics. Since then, Amazon One has expanded to other Amazon-owned sites such as Amazon Go and Whole Foods, as well as a few sports arenas such as T-Mobile Park.

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