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OpenVPN: An Innovative Networking Software Solution Provider

“Financing” and “Human Capital” are the most vital aspects for any company, if financing is like the fuel than human capital is like the engine that accelerates and moves business towards the growth trajectory. If any organizations have these two things in abundance then every milestone can be achievable, even if in the first instance it looks impossible. Along with these, perseverance, overcoming obstacles by finding solutions, and focused approach towards unified goals are the traits that outshine an organization with other. OpenVPN Inc. is one such firm that is riding on the success trajectory with having these vital values at its core.
OpenVPN is a leading IT company based in the Pleasanton, California and has gained prominence for its innovative networking software. They provide cutting-edge networking software’s that are secure, reliable and scalable. OpenVPN is also credited for being the architect of open source Virtual Private Network (OpenVPN) software. Their networking products not only fulfill the requirements of the traditional virtual private network (VPN) market, but also address the demands of the next generation of VPN service. The soaring popularity of their networking application can be estimated from the fact that, every month OpenVPN’s website attracts more than 250,000 new SMB users, prospects, and customers towards their products.
With the mission of “Connecting your world securely”, they built up their flagship product known as OpenVPN. It is an award winning open source VPN product and has established itself as a de-facto standard in the open source networking space, with over 50 million downloads since inception. The organization believes that every person in the world should get access to safe, secure and scalable network and hence they crafted their products for wide range of Operating system platforms ranging from Windows, MAC, Linux, Android, and iOS. OpenVPN also provides server services like OpenVPN server on cloud, OpenVPN server as virtual appliance, OpenVPN server as software packages, and OpenVPN as a service (Private Tunnel), that cater the market demands for remote secure access, access control, and cyber security targeting businesses of all size across the globe.
Their OpenVPN enterprise edition brings plethora of features with enhanced user experience and is very simple to deploy and manage. Clients can avail the benefits of enterprise edition on an annual subscription basis based on the number of connected devices they have. The flexible pricing model allowed their business to grow quickly and has given them the ability to invest in product enhancements, network operations, customer support, business development, and marketing.
Recognitions that signifies the worth of their products

  • rated OpenVPN the best VPN tool.
  • InfoWorld recognize OpenVPN as the best open source security software.

Beliefs that Shaped the Company
The organization also believes that innovative ideas takes birth only in a free and liberated mind and if the employees work together, it can bring unimaginable results. Therefore, OpenVPN have no hierarchy system among its different grade pay employees and it assists employees to freely discuss any idea, problem or solution with their colleagues. The sense of autonomy and flexibility help their employees to become more creative.
Driving Force behind OpenVPN Technologies
Today, Francis Dinha, CEO and Co-founder of OpenVPN Inc., is a known face in the business world and is living an abundant life, but it wasn’t smooth sailing for him to reach the top of this pinnacle. Being born in Iraq, at the time of complete anarchy and dictatorship, he was faced many hardships. There was a time, when he was forced to sell cigarettes on the streets of Baghdad so his family could eat, and when he was finally able to escape the regime – he immigrated to Sweden where he worked as a dishwasher to make ends meet while he attended classes to learn the language. He believes education is the strongest weapon for change and transformation. Even during the tough times, he never compromised his education and continued it along while doing tough jobs like washing dishes.
His quest for learning continues and with traits like diligence, integrity, and passion to make it big in life. Those characteristics led him to pursue a Master’s of Science in Computer Engineering. He was just shy of a year of receiving his Ph.D. when he got a job offer from Ericsson. He considers it a pivotal moment and a turning point in his professional career. More than three decades of vast technical experience along with the passion to deliver comprehensive networking software to the world led to the inception of OpenVPN.
Dinha’s expertise in product road maps, strategic planning, market positioning, business development, and growth strategies has helped the company grow. He is known for his leadership and entrepreneurship acumen and has received recognition for his contributions in the technical sector. Francis is associated with the Forbes Technology Council and has contributed a number of articles about important topics like cyber security – educating individuals and businesses about protecting against cyber threats. He’s often asked to share his knowledge on private internet, cyber security, VPN (virtual private network) and the impact internet service providers will have on the future of our privacy with outlets like CNBC and BuzzFeed.
Road Ahead                                                                            
Innovation at its core, OpenVPN will continue its momentum of delivering leading-edge networking software for scalable and secure communication to connect every device securely through the ubiquitous internet. Francis, the CEO has a vision for the future progression of the company through a developed roadmap, great team, and the right financial resources – goals he believes can be achieved. “I think what sets successful people apart is their ability to find a way to get things done – just because something’s never been done before doesn’t mean it can’t be. It can – but only when someone is not willing to take ‘no’ for an answer,” says Francis.
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