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Vincent Jeunet, CEO, New Access

New Access: Enabling Digital Transformation With Advanced Digital Wealth Management Platform

From last few years we observe a dramatic shift to utilizing digital services. It is todays even more important for private bankers and wealth managers to connect with their clients anytime, anywhere, conveniently, and efficiently. Enabling efficient and smooth digital access of banking services to clients is essential for private bankers and wealth managers to increase the satisfaction of their clients. In a complex and changing regulatory environment, New Access helps bankers and wealth managers connect conveniently and efficiently with their clients at all times and at any location.
Vincent Jeunet is the CEO of New Access. He has an entrepreneurial mindset and strong transformation background. He is a leading and outstanding core-to-digital solutions player for private banking and wealth management. Vincent considers it is essential to build network, be patient, resilient, curious, and determined to succeed in banking industry.
Leveraging Two Decades of Experience in Wealth Management
New Access is a leading provider of a scalable and modular Core-to-Digital solution suite designed to meet the specific requirements of the Private Banking and Wealth Management industries. The company enables digital transformation and improves satisfaction of clients with its digital front-end solution, including an advisor cockpit, Client Lifecycle Management (CLM) and a client/EAM portal. New Access operates since 20 years exclusively in the private banking and wealth management sectors, supporting more than 55 customers, globally. It leverages its extensive experience in wealth management.
Providing Agile and Scalable Digital Solutions
New Access provides agile and scalable core-to-digital solutions dedicated to private banks, wealth managers and asset managers.
A Core-to-digital solution suite of New Access Consists of:

  • APSYS Core Banking System
  • CIM Client Data Management System
  • LAS Electronic Document Management System
  • EQUALIZER Portfolio Management System
  • Banker’s Front Digital Client Lifecycle Management System

Accelerating Digital Transformation to be on Track
The current pandemic has brought businesses to unavoidably adapt themselves. In this context, businesses have first observed a slight freeze of major investments and projects initiatives. Because of the uncertainty brought by the situation, financial institutions appeared a bit more reluctant to pursue their investment strategies.
From end 2020, businesses clearly identified a new trend with the increasing number of requests coming from clients willing to continue to digitalize their processes, invest in their platforms to address new challenges.
In Vincent’s opinion, the crisis itself first marked a huge stop, but it ended up being an accelerator for financial institutions after some time. Private Banks and wealth managers have now learned that they need to accelerate their digital transformation to be kept on track.
Efficient and Smooth Digital Transformation Process
As a provider of award-winning solutions, New Access allows private bankers and wealth managers to go through their digital transformation smoothly and efficiently. It provides them with up-front digital solutions that allow them to put their HNW clients at the center of their concern. It supports its customers worldwide with scalable and modular solutions with openness to third part API’s. New Access is driven by providing the best service possible to its clients. It is always looking to find the best technological partner with the most useful and user-friendly feature to help private bankers and wealth managers achieve their business ambitions.
Providing Reliable and Innovative Solutions
As a private banking and wealth management software provider, main duty of New Access is to be able to provide prospects and clients with reliable and innovative solutions. In Vincent’s opinion, businesses have the chance to evolve in an ever-changing finance industry always bringing forth new challenges. He believes that businesses must be ready to change if necessary and align their offerings with newer technological developments to answers new market’s needs and address new markets trends.
Vincent states that businesses have a great example of crypto currency taking more and more space in the financial landscape, therefore he says software providers must be ready to address the technological challenges linked to it.
Maintaining Competency by Investing in Technology and People
To sustain the competency of New Access, Vincent says that the company first needs to be able to serve its clients and to fill their rising appetite on digital.
From several weeks in Switzerland, there is a birth of an initiative led by several banks aiming to standardize compliancy for external asset managers: ‘the WeCan Group’. More and more banks are joining this association and Vincent believes that New Access must be ready to offer standard processes aligned with what WeCan Group will define. Vincent says that this is where future investment of New Access will lead to.
On another hand, Vincent says that New Access also needs to continue to proceed some technological upgrades as it is its definition as a software provider. It also needs to continue investing to downgrade the technological debt it might has and continue investing into digital functionalities that allow its clients to be in line with their business ambitions.
Currently New Access has 150 developers, and as it does with technology it also invests in people to be able to build a development factory enabling to answer as quick as possible to its clients and their needs.
“Decisive is a next-generation, ultra-high net worth advisor. We are growing fast on all levels: investment opportunities, assets, and clients. And we set the bar very high, both for ourselves and our business partners. Today, we are partnering with New Access to accelerate our digital transformation and we are sure its dynamic and forward-thinking, best-in-class platform is the right match for us to service our clients. When our clients win, we win.” — Elie Chamat, CEO of Decisive Capital Management.