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Mohammed Al-Rashidi, Founder and the Execuve Chairman, One Global™

One Global™: Ensuring Holistic Digital Financial Services with Convenience and Security

With the advancement of technology, the world is looking for many customized solutions in every aspect of life. Improving lifestyle is always on the bucket list of people and businesses and that’s also the important part of the evolved human culture. Adapting the best of methods that enhances the way of life is always good for humanity. The importance of being available on online platforms for businesses is the most critical aspect in the present times as many people are preferring to manage most of tasks through the mobile applications and websites.
The institutions that are able to provide the online services become more popular with the people. One Global™ is a Digital Transformation and Innovation Company, specialized in the fintech arena, with 2 million customers on board.
One Global™’s vision is to elevate humanity by connecting life. Started its journey in 2004, the company is a global player with a strong presence in more than 16 countries worldwide across GCC, Middle East, North Africa, East Africa, Europe, US & Canada.
Mohammed Al-Rashidi is the Founder and Executive Chairman of One Global™. Passionate about the mobilization of lifestyle services, Mohammed acts as a transformer to the current infrastructure of verticals markets.
Driven by In-house Innovation
One Global™ is driven by in-house innovation and offers a wide range of Mobilized Lifestyle® services via its vertical markets Og Money™, Og Health™, Og Travel™, Og Play™, Og Life™ and Og Business, to deliver to consumers and businesses via native cloud and web hosting services. In addition, Mobilized Lifestyle® services for businesses include developing, managing and maintaining mobile applications, software and websites, software interfaces and wearables by bridging private and public cloud across the globe.
Og Business™ is bringing a fully functioning payment collection and acceptance to all size of businesses. It is empowering SMEs and Large Enterprises to manage Receivable Payments. Og Money™ offers one stop shop for all user’s bill payments, top-up, utilities, tuition in smart, easy and ubiquitous payment experience. Og Travel™ delivers a personalized travel experience; allowing users to effectively plan and manage their travel experience. Og Health™ offers digital health services with preventive care and privacy. Og Play™ delivers high end quality of entertainment experience through portable devices with rich contents and services.
On a Way to achieve its mission to offer smart life as a service

  • Licensed by Central Bank of Bahrain as Payment Service Provider (PSP).
  • Licensed by Central Bank of Jordan for Nationwide Biller Hub enabling all billers to post their bills for electronic payment processing.
  • Mastercard Platinum Digital Vendor Partner, implementing all Mastercard new innovative services (MasterPass, MasterCard Send, MDES, QR).
  • Microsoft Golden Partner in Mobility, Midmarket, Application Development, Cloud & Data Center, ISV, and Co-Sell competencies.
  • PCI / DSS latest version 3.2.1 certified secured Data Center.
  • Banking Grade secured Data Vault and tokenization platform.
  • Digital Identity Steward member within the SSI Sovrin Network (Identity-for-All).
  • Ability to offer tokenization, Card-on-File to Banks & Banks Customers & Merchants.
  • Among First in MENA with a Digital Credit Card payment on Mobile for Mastercard in seamless customer experience method.
  • Digital Travel & Digital Health innovative player.
  • Digital Goods and Services to multichannel distribution.

Delivering Most Comprehensive Solutions

  • Business Automation
  • Distributed Cloud Computing
  • Smart Contract
  • Tokenomics
  • Crypto Gateway
  • Digital Custody
  • Bill Presentment and Payment
  • Credentials on file (CoF)
  • Wallet as a Service (WaaS)
  • Payment Checkout and Gateways
  • Customer Digital Onboarding
  • Open Identity and Access Management
  • Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Regulation Technology and Compliance
  • Digital Invoicing and payment collection
  • Dealership network of Agents
  • Vaccine Data Management
  • Wellness Survey
  • Corporate wellness
  • Hotel Travel Booking Engine
  • Ticketing Travel Booking Engine
  • IATA New Distribution Capability (NDC)

Accelerating Digital Services in Pandemic
Pandemic is expediting digital transformation and many services have been digitalized during it, importantly to mention Digital onboarding, Contactless Payments, Online Loans, and real-time data analysis. Also, it is leading to an increase in Neo Banking.
Strategic Innovation of E-banking companies
In the opinion of Mohammed Al-Rashidi, digital economy trends that accelerated during the pandemic continue to present growth opportunities for the wider industry. “Digitalization will become a simple commodity, so the challenge will be to establish a cognitive economy – meaning a completely different production ecosystem built on top of digital solutions.
To that extend, Og is launching two major projects: Og Hub and Og Stack. The first is the Startups’ village, where young entrepreneurs go through a schooling journey of business modeling mentorship, workshops, seminars, conferences, and challenging activities in Deeptech Technologies’ Programs that help them graduate in becoming better Intrapreneurs or Elite Entrepreneurs to create their own companies. The second is the Enterprise Digital Transformation & Corporate Innovation Platform, to scale up selective Startups and accelerate Open innovations to the global markets, incubators, corporate accelerators, global investors, venture capitalists and various business clients.
Digital Transformation and Corporate Innovation Platform
One Global (Og) has a Digital Transformation and Corporate Innovation platform that can enable innovative startups to enroll their services into an ecosystem that can fusion their services and others within Single SDK to be consumed by Banks and Financial Initiations. Within this platform, one can find for example Digital KYC, Autonomous Screening for Sanction lists, Credit Scoring, Wallet, Checkout, and many other services that banks and financial institutions can embed within their Frontends Apps, POS, Web, and others that can enable them to achieve Omni-channels objectives.
Utilizing Technology According to Needs of the Businesses
Talking about necessity for businesses to align their offerings with newer technological developments Mohammed states that it is essential to position all services of businesses on technologies; however, not all technologies can serve best needs of the businesses. He says that it has to be balanced depending on the business nature, needs and customer segments.
Concise and Meaningful Advice
Mohammed advises aspiring entrepreneurs to build value chain partnerships within the industry and try to play an effective role within this value chain.
Envisioning Completion of a Mission
Taking into consideration the company’s vision to elevate humanity by connecting life, and one of its missions to provide smart life as a service by 2030, Mohammed envisions that One Global™, within five years from now, will be halfway to fulfill them.