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Netflix’s Screen Lock feature is here for Android users

Netflix users on Android can now see a button called ‘Screen Lock’ while they are watching a movie or TV show on their smartphone. If enabled, this feature turns off all on-screen controls, leaving a single button to activate the screen. This is a two-step operation, as you must confirm that you want controls to be activated by a second tap.
The new feature protects users from unintended touches and locks the screen when playing a specific video. When the lock function is activated, all the Netflix user interface buttons are removed, and a lock icon is left on the screen. By double-clicking on the button, the UI can be enabled again. However, zooming in and out or using Android browsing buttons or gestures to exit the content is still possible.
The streaming giant also introduced a series of new parental controls and enhanced them earlier this month on its video-sharing site. Netflix users can now set their profiles to the Personal Identification Number (PIN). For individual accounts, users may place a four-digit PIN to secure it. Parents can also turn off autoplay and remove inappropriate content from children’s profiles. With the ‘Profile and Parental Controls’ channel within the account setting, users can monitor the configuration of each profile.