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A Change of Forever

“The acceptance of change is not an option neither evitable.” This statement is more suitable than anything on current situation. Today, we are forced to live a life where “social distancing” has become a mantra to save lives.
After Covid-19, the world will be not same as before. This novel pandemic will affect the world and people’s life in many ways as WHO has already said that social distancing should be maintained till 2022. This also makes us curious and leads us to think what might lie in our future? Fear of uncertainty continues with where we all will be in six months and will we going to have our jobs, house and the life will be ever same as we all were enjoying few weeks ago. These questions are terrifying but consisting today’s reality. One thing is for sure, the aspects of social and ecological environment are going to change as per the amplification of the dynamics which are driving them. And these changes’ impact will be seen for a long time.
Healthcare on its Knees
The Covid-19 has proved how false our beliefs about healthcare advancement. Of course, we have reached the point of elevation where we can cure cancer, but what solutions and managements we have when it comes to fight with pandemic crisis like this which affects a mass population globally. It is clear that the world was not ready to confront this type of crisis. In all over the world, health organizations are fighting this infectious disease while supporting health workers, delivering social services, and protecting livelihoods. But, they are also facing difficulties such as access of commodities, safety, financial support, and supply chain logistics stress like never before.
Developed countries like USA, France and other European countries are even struggling to control causalities in their countries, and defending at war level so it is quietly understandable that how long a developing and underdeveloped countries stand a chance. The lack of equipment and supplies for test are common problems and it is also a sign for the countries to re-examine their supply chain structure, healthcare systems and facilities. Now, it is also becoming necessary more than ever for all nations to produce pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, and equipment domestically without depending on others.
Financial Breakdown
The UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA) have said that the COVID-19 pandemic is disrupting global supply chains and international trades. According to World Economic Situation and Prospects 2020, before the outbreak of the COVID-19, the world output was expected to expand at the pace of 2.5 per cent in 2020. Now, there are chances, it could shrink to 1 per cent due to the pandemic.
All countries have closed their national borders during the past month, and all sort of tourism activities have been put to stop. Industries, trade markets, companies where it is big or start up, even a restaurant to a small shop all are shut down and this could potentially direct the global economy into a deep recession. The class of society which hits majorly is working class where millions of workers in every country are facing the unknown prospect of losing their jobs. Though, governments are taking all the measured steps and availing as much as support they can to avert a sharp downturn of their economies.
A Lesson to Learn   
The cost of a pandemic is huge, which includes loss of trillions of dollars, loss of life, and loss of livelihoods for millions of poor people all over the world. It could be avert by adopting simple, healthy, and more environment friendly lifestyle. From this pandemic, we can learn a lesson and save billions more dollars of investment in research, medicines, therapeutics, or could act as we did before and invite a new pandemic.
Our life is not going to same as before at any level. A social change is coming for all of us and a key task for us is forming that social change with values, care and respect not only for humans but also for the nature and environment we are living in.