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Most economic way to promote your brand

Technology is like a coin with two sides. Either you choose wise side to promote your brand business and take full advantage of the new generation as a market, or you quit this war and eventually lose your old customers.

Constantly changing and challenging ways of marketing will either benefit you if you adopt or will make you feel insecure in the business world.
Social media is a compulsory and promising platform to connect your customers and brand awareness. But it is also hard to promote and bring new customers to engage with your social Media. There are varieties of ways for brand promotion and customer retention. But Launching sweepstakes is one of the easiest and economical ways.
What can you get by Sweepstakes?

  • Facebook or Other social media followers
  • Email subscriber
  • Customer data
  • Little survey regarding your product
  • Link-back for SEO purpose
  • New product launch awareness
  • Free sample or reward distribution
  • Quiz about your product
  • Overall brand awareness and promotion

You can decide the objective of your brand sweepstakes according to your requirements. Either you want to launch new brand product or you want old customers back? You can do it for SEO purpose or you wanted to do a survey regarding the customer’s view. Once objective can’t fit for all brands. i.e. Cosmetic company wanted to know what their customer are using for hair wash brand. So they can arrange a small form to fill to participate in sweepstakes. News website or brand will seek e-mail subscribers instead of customer data. PCH is just selling magazine subscriptions; all they need is attention regarding their prize. So every brand and industry will have different requirements to launch sweepstakes.
Sweepstakes must be promoted to get full advantage. There are many sweepstakes website that lists your sweepstakes i.e. they have thousands of visitors that can attract to your brand in very short time. Other ways to promote sweepstakes are social media, ads, print advertising and referral program.
What can be rewarded to customers?

  • Discount coupons for future purchase
  • Free sample pack or new product to try
  • Early access to new product
  • Cash prize
  • Gift prize
  • Holiday or ticket to some festival or concert
  • Car or International holiday
  • Meeting to a celebrity
  • Furniture or Kitchen appliances
  • Coupons to redeem in future purchase

You can give away anything you want, but most people like a cash prize. There may be a single large amount or multiple amounts. Some sweepstakes give hundreds of small prizes to hundreds of participants. If you offer a single prize, the chance of winning is very low, but the prize can be big. But if you want more people to participate, you should keep multiple prizes that increase the chance of winning. It will attract more customers to your sweepstakes.
So, How to run a sweepstakes?
After deciding your objective and prize you must decide how to run a sweepstake? Here are some alternatives

It is a popular platform in which you can insist on people to like and share your page or product. You can select some random users as a winner.

They are similar to Facebook but have different functionality and purpose. i.e Instagram is exclusively popular for images. Twitter is for small text and youtube is for videos. You can select according to the type of your business and products.

  • Email subscription

It is very basic and easy to use tool that almost all sites have. You don’t need to do special development for an email subscription. You can randomly select winners.

  • Your own website

If you have large website and your own team of developers, you can create a custom form that can serve as a sweepstake platform. Major big companies are using this way. It is not convenient for small businesses as you will need developers and other staff to handle it. But you will surely have the advantage of customization in this option.
Here are the things you can do with your website
-Simple form submission
-image submission
-Puzzle or gameplay
-Survey form

  • Third-party service

There are many services that allow you to create and run sweepstakes. They have many options and activities to create sweepstakes. They record and hold data for you. They can even select random winners if you want. They can record and track many activities performed by participants. i.e
Some rules and regulations
There must be some restrictions in such sweepstakes. Most of states need the age of at least 18 years to participate. If your company is making kids products, you must involve parents instead of kids to participate. Employees of the company are always restricted to participate in sweepstake. You must decide other rules and regulations and write clearly on your website and sweepstakes page.
So how it is economical?

  • You have control overprize and promotion budget
  • You will get new customers and retain old customers
  • Participants will engage with your website and products for a longer time.
  • You will get a surge in your website traffic.
  • It will also create lots of links that will benefit to you in search engine results.
  • You can create the excitement of new product in a very low cost.
  • You will get lots of email subscriber that will read newsletter about your promotion.
  • You will have more social media interaction that will make you popular
  • Sweepstakes can be launched with few thousand dollars to millions of dollars.
  • You can try with a smaller amount to verify the result and then can launch a bigger sweepstake.

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