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Micromobility Managing Platform, Ride Report Raises $10 Million

Headquartered in Portland, Ride Report, the micromobility startup has raised $10 million funding round with the help of Unusual Ventures in order to help cities and operators to manage shared scooters and bikes.
Ride Report helps the law makers to better understand the micromobility impact on their respective localities by monitoring the micromobility vehicles across the particular locations. The company is currently monitoring in 70 cities globally including New Zealand, Portland, Texas, Austin and Oregon. In order to support policy guidance, Ride Report offers cities data along with reporting and monitoring tools through partnering with 19 companies as operators including Lynx, Bird and Lime.
Williams Henderson, the CEO of Ride Report states, “Micromobility is entering a difficult point in its history.” He includes, “We’re very bullish on the needs that citizens and residents have around more efficient modes of transportation that get them from point A to point B, but there are some growing pains.
According to Ride Report, it aims to build a more collaborative and strong trustworthy relationship between public entities and private operators. The company is going to use the latest round to grow its team and to emphasis the emerging markets.
The CEO added, “The good news is everyone is kind of in the same boat when it comes to how to manage micromobility. It’s such a new thing that there isn’t really a playbook. That’s good news because it’s rare in working with government officials and regulatory bodies that you have so much room to experiment. There will be unique constraints in Europe around privacy and GDPR, but I’m excited about that aspect because Europe has shown the way forward for the US.
Andy Johns, one of the Partner at Unusual Ventures said in a statement, “We’re entering an era of cooperation that’s going to open up the entire micromobility sector.” He added, “That gets to the core of what Ride Report is about and their belief in the future of mobility – that operators and cities will increasingly work together to help the industry grow.