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Meet the Leading Women Shaping the Future of iGaming

In most industries, men tend to be the prevailing gender, at least in numbers. Regarding online casinos and iGaming, women have gradually become increasingly more proactive. Women operate some of the best online casinos in the United States, so let that serve as an inspiration or perhaps even a glimmer of hope that our modern society is finally on the path to gender equality.

Today, we will be revealing the names behind the most trusted US online casinos and looking at their stories. But before we do, it’s imperative to establish our definitions first. So, when we say reliable online casino in the USA, what does the term imply?

Defining the Best iGaming Companies in the United States

We have to look at the current market offerings to establish the standards. To get an idea about what the best online casino in the US might be, has listed some of the finest examples, along with the key factors the players are likely to consider when choosing one over the other. These include the generous welcome bonus, the betting limits that apply, and the RTP percentage you can expect. Generally speaking, the best online casino bonuses in the USA bring many players through the door.

Now let’s introduce the stunning female personalities that are behind some of these:

Denise Coates

First, we have Denise Coates, a billionaire, founder, and CEO of Bet365. She was born in England in 1976. Having graduated from the University of Sheffield, she holds a degree in econometrics, the field for which PQ media is known. Right after graduation, her career path led her towards a job role in her family’s betting shop called Provincial Racing. Suffice it to say that the spark was ignited, eventually leading her to found Bet365. The rest, as they say, is history.

Nowadays, Coates is recognized for her philanthropic contributions, among which is the £10m donation to the Royal Stoke University Hospital. And let’s not forget the Denise Coates Foundation, a major force for good in this world; to this date, the entity has donated a substantial amount of money to a good cause (medical research and similar). She has received several honors and awards for her good work, including the Ernst & Young UK Entrepreneur of the Year award and the Order of the British Empire honor.

Ruth Parasol

Any reliable online casino in the USA must have good software. When that comes to mind, Ruth Parasol is the obvious association as one of the pioneers in online casino software development. Widely known as one of the founders of PartyGaming, Ruth is a businesswoman who helped bring online betting for real money to life in 2001, as it goes without saying. the technology set the stage for the casino boom shortly after that.

Recently, PartyGaming partnered up with Bwin, one of their former rivals, to form a joint entity. As a result, the merged online casino is now more intensely packed with games than ever, featuring some casino fan favorites such as bingo and live dealer games.

Jette Nygaard-Andersen

It’s impossible to leave out Jette Nygaard-Andersen, most widely known as the CEO of Entain PLC, the company behind one of the best online casinos in the United States and sports betting brands. This woman cemented her place as the first female to become a senior manager in a publicly listed gaming company.

Her level of salary was virtually unheard of at the time. But make no mistake – she earned every penny of it with her contributions to the company, including initiating a joint venture with notable gambling operators such as MGM. She is also to thank that the company is now headed in the live dealer and slot game direction.

Charlotte Miliziano

And how can we forget Charlotte Miliziano, who recently rose to fame in 2017, taking up a job role as a mathematician at Play’n GO? Due to her hard work and dedication, she worked her way up to becoming the lead mathematician at the company. In 2021, she became the company’s official Head of Games and has been actively involved in game development ever since.

One of her greatest contributions is developing math models for video slots, and she’s been recognized for her mathematical prowess beyond internal company praise and in the iGaming industry. Her work proves that math can be awesome, and sometimes sprinkling in a little bit of fun is all it takes to motivate yourself to improve.


The wonderful female minds have contributed a lot to the development of the online casino scene. They continue to do so, sometimes in subtle ways and sometimes in the form of groundbreaking technological revolutions. But the message is clear – this world is a collective effort of diverse minds, the belief that only one ‘true’ gender belongs in a museum.