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PQ Media: Proven and Best-In-Class Econometric System

Pioneers of emerging media research, PQ Media is the leading provider of global media econometrics. PQ Media’s industry-leading predictive econometrics system serves executives charged with advancing strategic initiatives in the rapidly changing media, entertainment and communications industries.
Quickly understanding client’s needs, PQ Media develops products and services to meet the client’s objectives. They also make customer service a high priority, including a detailed needs assessment when first approached for a project, being nimble to accommodate client requests, particularly relating to deadlines, and offering options to clients in determining a deliverable that matches the project’s scope and within defined budget range.
Portfolio of Custom Consulting Services
Due to global marketplace demand, PQ Media has broadened and deepened their analysis of emerging media through the lens of its PQ Medianomics™ methodology. As a result, they have developed a broader portfolio of custom consulting services to meet the growing needs of their clients. In addition, they continue to expand their library of primary research reports on emerging media, which have received global recognition, particularly the annual Global Media Intellicast Series™, a three-report bundle that examines the entire media ecosystem, including advertising & marketing operator revenues, consumer spending on media and consumer media usage & exposure.
While working with clients to develop and deliver custom consulting services, PQ Media starts with their proprietary econometrics system of databases, opinion leader panels, algorithms and methodologies. Their system gathers, analyzes and synthesizes data on key industry drivers – demographic, psychographic, economic and technological, among others. The result has been consistently accurate forecasts regarding industry revenue, spending, growth and consumption patterns worldwide in an era of great reset in the media economy, accelerating transformation and massive restructuring of the traditional advertising and marketing ecosystem.
PQ Media’s Core Consulting Competencies lies in Emerging Media & Markets (size, structure, history, forecast), Forecasts (spending & consumption), Due Diligence (company profiles/competitive landscape), Scenario Development (proactive “what if” planning), Growth Sector Identification (investment and expansion opportunities), Market Share Analysis (growth/expansion recommendations), Research Protocols (planning, measurement, development & execution), End-user Perception Research (qualitative/quantitative), and
Project Management (all types related to media, entertainment & communications).
Patrick Quinn, President & CEO of PQ Media, founded the firm in January 2003 following a distinguished career as a media consultant, market analyst, and award-winning journalist. Mr. Quinn has launched, edited, and managed numerous print and digital publications covering the media industry, and is a respected source of information for leading news outlets such as Advertising Age, CNN, Hollywood Reporter, The New York Times, Times of London, USA Today, and The Wall Street Journal. Mr. Quinn also served as Editorial Director of the Veronis Suhler & Stevenson Communications Industry Forecast.
Reflecting on the future  Mr. Quinn says, “PQ Media is helping clients navigate the changing media landscape through a plethora of options by providing actionable strategic intelligence on the entire media ecosystem, including our Global Media Intelligence Series, is what excites us most.”
In addition to the Global Media Intelligence Series, PQ Media recently released the first ever report on Brand Activation Marketing, which was funded and in partnership with the Association of National Advertisers. It analysed all six brand activation marketing platforms, including relationship marketing, influencer marketing, promotional marketing, content marketing, experiential marketing and retailer marketing, as well as 32 brand activation channels, such as customer service & telesales, word-of-mouth marketing, promotional products, incentives & premiums, product placement, consumer events, and in-store mobile marketing.