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Maria Weaver: Bringing Unparalleled Experience in the Advertising Arena

Video advertising is witnessing unprecedented growth as more businesses begin to recognize its massive capacity to disseminate their message to the world. Conventional television broadcasting which lay the groundwork for this revolution is now giving way to digital video advertising that employs the power of the web via modern media formats.
However, building and executing a well-defined advertising campaign is an investment of time, effort and resources. To manage this process, business owners need a reliable advertising associate. They need Comcast Spotlight.
Comcast Spotlight is a premium advertising solution with years of proven experience across every niche. One of the lynchpins of the company’s unparalleled success is the brilliance of its Senior Vice President of Global Marketing for Cable Advertising at Comcast Corporation, Maria Weaver.
With more than 30 years of experience in advertising and marketing, Maria brings a broad range of expertise to the company. She is responsible for all facets of marketing including brand, creative services, product marketing, sales marketing and demand generation for Cable Advertising, which includes Comcast Spotlight, the Advertising Sales Division of Comcast Cable, and FreeWheel, Comcast’s Advanced Advertising Group.
A Determined Journey
Maria believes that the most important quality one should possess to thrive in any business is determination. She says, “I have set goals for myself, both personally and professionally. I love the challenge, and thrive when working toward an outcome.” This positive approach has helped Maria make a significant mark in the global advertising market.
Recalling her journey, she states, “My career has always been in media.” Initially, Maria worked in spot cable, gaining experience that brought her to the attention of globally-acclaimed broadcasting channels, Showtime and HBO. Her valuable insights and contributions to both companies led to managerial roles.
Maria’s career was on a stellar trajectory with these world-class organizations. However, she recognized the untapped potential of digital formats to transform media consumption and advertising, and sensed that a seismic shift was on the cards.
Consequently, she joined a little-known digital startup, Interactive One, as head of its Marketing and Sales. This was a monumental step for Maria into the digital era. She recalls the decision to join the company as one of her best decisions, in both professional and personal terms.
After putting in the hard yards at Interactive One, Maria was offered the opportunity to join unique media platform, Comcast Spotlight.
Right Message – Right Audience – Right time
TV viewership is evolving; consumers are watching content across more screens, whenever and wherever they want. The advertising industry is at a turning point where devices and data-driven innovations are increasingly vital.
Comcast Spotlight is driving advertisement delivery technology and audience targeting capabilities so businesses can deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time.
To achieve this, it provides premium video advertising solutions which combine the power of video with advanced analytics to bring brands and audiences together across screens. Comcast’s data-driven insights use proprietary data and technology for media planning and campaign analysis of audience targets that go beyond age and gender.
In short, the organization partners with advertisers to help them make reliable marketing decisions. It aims to constantly improve the scope and quality of its innovative solutions to empower clients. As part of this strategy, Comcast recently created video on demand (VOD) advertising opportunities on a local basis with its Premium Digital TV offering.
Passion and Brilliance
According to Maria, the most important decision that any leader makes is hiring the right talent. She says, “Hire great people, and empower them to do amazing things.”
To empower her team, she has created a culture that allows for the sharing of ideas and cross-functional collaboration. This further inspires and instils in them a desire to innovate new strategies.
Maria believes innovation is the key to the company’s success. For her, the term ‘innovation’ means looking at challenges from a solution-oriented mindset. She adds, though, that finding a problem is not enough, “I encourage my team to make sure they first understand the problem from all vantage points and then use their creativity to find an innovative solution that works for all parties.
Maria has tackled every challenge that has come her way with grace and aplomb, led by the intensity of her determination. She has consistently met and exceeded the goals set for her and, perhaps more importantly, those she has set for herself throughout her life.
This sense of purpose and joy of achievement has helped her to stay focused on what she wants and to determine how to prioritize her time.
Inspiring Advice to Aspiring Entrepreneurs
Maria shares a piece of advice which was given to her early in her own career: Don’t let other people steer your career, take ownership of your path.
Her inspiring journey has been the perfect example of this self-empowering mentality. She adds, “Simply put, don’t settle for a seat at any table. Instead, choose the table at which you want to sit, and work hard to get there.”
She has transformed the advertising industry with her innovative and professional approach, and aims to continue forging ahead with the same determination that has led her here.  

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