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Madhu Kumar: Bringing Digitalization Forward

Today, organizations need the leaders who can completely understand the traditional ways of processing, have a firm grip on the technology trends, and use their understanding and creativity to innovate the procedures to get better outcomes. The leaders who have this ability are often referred as Innovative Leaders, signifying their innovative engagements. Madhu Kumar, Mastek  North America Head & President of Digility Inc. is one such person, who is leveraging his innovative approach to provide digital solutions to his associates.
Responsibilities as a Leader
Being a business leader, Madhu helps clients gain business value by ensuring consistency in user experience. He strives to remodel the existing procedures within the organizations to build a strong presence in the market.
Madhu is responsible to ensure that the mission, the vision, and the values of his company are communicated throughout the organization and that the communication channels work at all levels and in both directions in order to increase productivity, morale, and the attainment of the objectives of the company. He inspires and leads every member of his company so that they strive to do the best work they can. He ensures the development and the recruitment of employees of his company to sustain its growth.
Furthermore, Madhu looks out for the marketing and the development of new services. He manages all of the operations of the company and ensures that excellencies components, such as operational efficiency, continuous improvement, global service offering, positioning of the company arising out of initiatives both in terms of marketing and development of new products and services are maintained and developed. He ensures that all actions that are necessary are taken to develop and protect the assets of the company in order to maximize long-term ROI. Also, represents his company in its relations with important customers, suppliers, competitors, governmental agencies, professional associations and similar groups.
Prior to joining Digility
Madhu has done his Masters in Marketing Management from JBIMS, Mumbai; and, Computer Engineering from NEC, Madurai. Madhu began his professional career as a Research Scientist with India’s Department of Atomic Energy, working on nuclear reactor control systems and simulation models. He successfully guided many Fortune 500 companies as they navigated change and implemented new strategies across the globe.
Prior to joining Digility, Madhu was part of the Management Council & Executive Vice President at Hexaware Technologies, where he played critical roles of heading industry business units, creating strategic alliances, wining and executing very large transformation deals.
Getting Inspired by Digitalization
Due to his 20 years of consulting experience, Madhu fully understands that digital transformation needs to be a company wide initiative and that building a digital strategy requires collaboration with a strong partner to meet organization’s broader goals.
Whether that user is an employee, customer, or partner, digital transformation is one of the most important strategic challenges that business leaders face. Furthermore, Madhu believes digital transformation is heavily affecting every company’s growth and has a great potential to further increase the proficiency of all organizations. To help the institutions adapt digitalization, Madhu joined Digility which enables its clients with the most advanced digital experience.
Digility: A Mastek Company
Digility Inc., a fully owned subsidiary of Mastek, is a niche digital transformation services provider, who uses agile methodologies to service customers. In the Financial & Retail sectors, the journey to becoming a digital enterprise should not made alone. Organizations need a trusted partner to point towards innovative ways, sophisticated solutions and work as one team. Digility is that trusted partner.
Through their Agile Development, Data Warehouse, Business Intelligence and Testing Services DNA, Digility is positioned specifically to service Financial and Retail organizations with market-leading innovations.
Services Proffered
Digility offers services like Digital Consulting, Digital Delivery, Digital Testing, Agile Service Management and delivers Innovations that helps them to perform better.
Digility’s Strategic Consulting Services walk their clients through their entire digitalization journey – step by step. Digility covers all the areas of digitalization from transforming core IT processes, engaging customers and employees, to delivering the promise that digitalization holds.
With Digital Delivery, Digility helps their clients to push the boundaries of excellence and realize their fullest growth potential with digital. With this service enterprises earn every benefit that digital transformation delivers. Harness data for decisions; chart paths to innovation, profitability and competitive-edge.
With Digital Testing, Digility helps enterprises manage and reduce costs and risks of business disruption, bring efficiencies in processes, improve resource utilization and enhance quality and maturity of their development output.
Digility’s Agile Service Management Solutions ensure error free design, management and speedy implementation of software projects end-to-end by combining the best elements of ITIL, DevOps and various industry standards. With a clear focus on low TCO and high RoI for their customers, Digility works towards trimming the time to go-live of every project.
Digility Innovation Lab Service helps global organizations build and test avant-garde tools in an amazingly short time and low-cost. With deep domain knowledge and expertise in new-age technologies such as Blockchain, Machine Learning, Text Mining, and Social Intelligence, Digility’s Innovation Lab Teams collaborate and conceptualize to create innovative business solutions.
“BestInvest has just launched our new ‘Select’ service which aims to be the best value online investment service in the UK and we used Mastek to deliver the core functionality of our new website and the Best SIPP.  We selected Mastek on the basis of their impressive understanding of our requirements and track record on delivery.  Mastek has demonstrated great professionalism, shown great commitment and delivered on target.”
-Donald Reid, Chief Operating Officer, BestInvest
“We had challenging timescales but the first work pack that has been completed was completed a day ahead of schedule and the defect count was very, very positive, in fact no defects were delivered within the solution.”
-Adrian Stanbury, Evolve Programme Director, WM Morrisons Plc.
“On behalf of Polish business and myself I would like to say thank you for absolutely fantastic support in Rate Cap processing. All branches completed on Wednesday so as CNFS and over 400 new products applied on Monday. ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC PERFORMANCE!!!”
-Saad Szczepkowski, Head of Processes & Procedures, Provident Poland (IPF market)
“I’m absolutely impressed by the Tek@thon where Mastekeers come together to crowdsource ideas for the benefit of the customer.”
-Darren Milnes, Business Systems Manager, Together (Formerly Jerrold Holdings)

“The insight that Mastek has provided us through the business intelligence implementations has helped us determine some clear objectives to make our business stronger than ever. This is part of our pragmatic business approach to reach out to new customers and keep up with the changing demands of our existing ones.”
-Adrian Stanbury, Chief Technology Officer, W M Morrison Supermarkets Plc.
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