You are currently viewing Low Investment & Maximum Profit Business Opportunity in India: Starts it Rs. 1,000 Only!

Low Investment & Maximum Profit Business Opportunity in India: Starts it Rs. 1,000 Only!

Every year, India increases its energy capacity by approximately 6,000 MW. The Indian government promotes the installation of new solar panels in residential, commercial and industrial buildings. As the demand for energy consumption in each residential and commercial unit increases, solar energy will come into focus. Starting your solar business is the perfect way to ensure you can take advantage of this new business opportunity.
The solar business is one of the most popular low investment business opportunities in India. It allows the business owner to sell solar products in their neighbourhood and earn a commission. As one of the best business opportunities in the current economy, the primary advantage of starting a solar business is that you can scale up your earnings without increasing investment. When you start a solar business franchise, you have complete control over the number of dealers you handle and the type of products you sell.

How to start a solar business?

You can start a solar business as a solar dealer or a solar distributor. Each position holds its unique advantages and business opportunities.

  1. Dealer: Any mobile store owner, electrician, professional or even freelancer can take advantage of this new business opportunity and start a solar This is a low investment business opportunity and you do not need business loans or funds. You do not need to keep stocks or storage units of products. Each unit is shipped individually to you. Solar dealers are a flexible, partnership network that allows you to sell solar products to local customers. A solar business dealer needs to invest INR 25,000 to INR 1,00,000 to purchase a demo solar product. They can then use this demo product to display the services and make sales. You receive up to a 15% discount on any solar product for your personal use.
  2. Distributor: Any electronics shop owner, businessman or real estate agent can become a solar No competition! There is only one distributor appointed in each district making this the best business opportunity for your future. You will manage a large network of solar dealers and have unlimited opportunities to increase your network. You will receive 100% marketing support including branded materials, technical and sales products and helpline. The Distributors are independent business owners looking to diversify their investments and add another source of income to their business. A solar distributor needs to invest INR 1,00,000 (rural areas) or INR 3,00,000 (any state capital or UT) to purchase a product from the manufacturer. The distributor sells these products to the solar dealer working in his territory.

Why partner with Loom Solar for your business?

If you’re ready to take advantage of this best business opportunity, start with the fastest growing solar company. Loom Solar is among the best solar franchises in India. Their solar business distributorship opportunities and dealership opportunities stand out because:

  1. Future generation of products: Loom Solar is a manufacturer of future generation products such as High-efficiency Solar Panels and Lithium They have a wide range of solar products – DC wires, panel stands and other accessories.
  2. National reach: Loom Solar provides PAN India delivery within 5-7 days. Our network of 3,500+ partners, 100+ team members and 2 offices ensure you can promise swift delivery to all customers! This allows us to provide excellent solar panel distributorship opportunities for all
  3. Low investment requirement: We provide excellent delivery times to ensure you don’t have to stock products and invest money. We are a popular solar franchise and you can get distributorship with investment as low as INR 25,000 e. the price of one solar panel!
  4. Consumer-centric brand: Loom Solar’s products are built to provide customer’s the perfect We want to make sure that every client gets the most cost-effective solar product possible.
  5. Nationally recognized: Loom Solar is an ISO 9001-20015 Certified We have been recognized and recommended by the Government of India, Zee Business, Economic Times, The Hindu, and many more names.

What do you get out of the partnership?

  1. Teaching support: Free, one-hour training program that will equip you with all knowledge about solar
  2. Marketing support: Receive free marketing and branded items including keychains, T-shirts, diaries, and many
  3. Presence support: Once you’ve joined as a distributor with Loom Solar, your business will receive free

micro-website and local listing services.

  1. High-profit margin: You will receive a distributor margin of 10-25% on each Loom Solar product you The more products you sell, the higher your profit margin will be.
  2. Complete flexibility: You have complete control over the number of units and types of products you stock and You will receive a complete product list to help you choose.

What do our dealers and distributors have to say?

Mohan Das, Lucknow: I was the first distributor to handle the Lucknow sales district for Loom Solar. In the past 1.5 years, my profit margin has increased from 10% to 23%. If you’re looking to start a business, here is your answer!
Rahul Jadeja, Modasa: Started my solar business in December 2020. Loom Solar provides excellent services and flexibility. With the partnership program, I can work as a full-timer in my office and also manage a solar business.

How do you apply for these distributor opportunities?

If you’re looking for distributor opportunities in India, know that Loom Solar is always ready to set up more distributor businesses. Get to know more about this great solar panel dealership opportunity in India by visiting the Loom Solar website. You can also start your registration process for a solar dealer or a solar distributor by following the links!

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