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LIVALL: Reforming the Benchmarks of Ride Safety and Innovation

In accordance with the Sports-tech industry’s revolutionary development over the course of time, it has become a vital necessity for organizations to design and develop sports equipment which are top-class, quality tested, safe and comfortable and most specifically, disruptive in their nature.
Leveraging the most out of available technologies and molding the resources into something of profound value to customers is a task that every sports-tech organization has to gain expertise in. Such implementation of topnotch technology in the sport and commute of cycling is what led LIVALL, a pioneering Smart Riding Helmet and Riding Accessories brand, to the zeniths of global success.
Based out of Shenzhen, China, with subsidiaries in EU, ANZ and USA, LIVALL has grown to become an established leader in the smart helmet field since its inception is 2014. The company acknowledges the importance of sports in an individual’s life with regards to physical and mental health, and also the untamed potential of sports’ extension industry.
Pertaining to LIVALL’s list of products designed and developed for the sport of cycling, the company strives to enhance its customers’ ride safety even when they’re in contact with someone else. That is the company’s USP; wherein, LIVE+ALL means the users could connect live while being safeguarded by its innovation technology and patented products.
For LIVALL, selling products to customers is not the only aim. The company also envisions selling its new safe concept on a global scale. The company believes sports-tech market will grow very fast and will provide much value to LIVALLers in the future, delivering them exceptionally enjoyable and safer ride. The company also believes that sports tech for cycling will have a bright future when customers accept LIVALL’s concept and its products.
Delivering Quality Safety
For LIVALL, the customer’s safety is priority, which is evident is its slogan, ‘Redefine Your Safety’. Being the world’s first smart & safe cycling helmet innovator, the company has set up the goal to offer extra safety and initiative protection for its customers. LIVALL’s products pass all the strict standard tests and grant certificates globally.
Through its products, the company wants to help in mitigating the dangers that surround riders and help or save them within the shortest span of time if involved in an accident. The company has been saving over hundreds cyclists through its innovative smart helmet and the LIVALL app platform.
LIVALL also believes, through its innovative smart helmet which offers solutions such as smart safety lighting, turn-signals, all hands-free operation, Bluetooth speakers and microphones  for Walkie-Talkie, phone call, Navigations through smartphone connection and the most valuable SOS Alert function, it can enable its customers to easily adapt to wearing a helmet without hesitation and thus enabling a safe ride.
Personifying Innovation
LIVALL’s helm of leadership and innovation is in the rightful hands of Bryan Zheng, the founder and CEO. Bryan graduated from Wuhan University in Information Technology and Management, and holds an MBA degree from Massey University in New Zealand. While as a CEO, he was awarded grade ‘A’ classification of ‘Pilot Talent’ in Nanshan, Shenzhen, China.
With considerable management experience and fuelled by entrepreneurial spirit, Bryan established his first audio and smart control system company in 2003. In this role, utilizing unprecedented marketing models, he made a very successful and prosperous business, breaking sales records with his keen analysis and understanding of the target market.
As a sport and cycling enthusiast, Bryan went on to establish LIVALL in 2014 and released the world’s first smart and safe cycling helmet in February 2015. This full-feature helmet was equipped with genuinely smart features, which make the rider safer while cycling.
Notably, LIVALL was the first brand to announce and apply turn signals and accident SOS alert. These important innovations were made 2 to 3 years before any other brand in the world, giving LIVALL the opportunity to refine and improve these features faster than anyone else, and we do think IP is very important for LIVALL, so we register the trademark over 30 countries and got over 170 patent applications!” Bryan expresses.
Upholding Distinction
When it comes to sustaining its market competency, LIVALL emphasizes its focus on target users and seek their pain spot. “That is the necessary base of success; then you need keep finding your customers’ demand and keep developing products and features to entice them, so they won’t depart from your product and brand,” states Bryan.
To cater to this idea, LIVALL sets up the 5keeps: Keep Living, Keep Developing, Keep Improving and then Keep Evolving. “The last stage and our target is KEEP LEADING in the industry. In other words, Keep Innovating is key point to maintain your competency and to lead in your industry,” he concludes.
Going Global One Step at a Time
LIVALL comprehends and acknowledges the fact that its journey towards attaining prominence in the global sports tech market is a steady yet continuous process. The company’s blueprints for a global success includes focusing on the product to offer better smart protection items to its target users, and then spreading its brand and concept through its global sales network. This is just one step for the organization towards building the LIVALL brand with innovation and unique products.
LIVALL being a new and young brand with new technology products, how to educate users, create acceptance and understanding of the LIVALL concept and products, has become the company’s primary task. The company leverages the possibility of overcoming this hurdle through sales network building and word-of-mouth by users and customers to improve the industry developing trends and people’s demand of consumption upgrade also play a vital role.
When it comes to understanding challenges, LIVALL believes, for a startup, how to retain talent sustainably and keep attracting the new talents to join the team is a very important issue. The company acknowledges this because it believes that talent is always the first important factor for any organization.
Besides this, how to gain the sufficient funds to keep investing in R&D, new products line and Marketing/PR is a challenge too, finally, how to establish a healthy and upward culture for a startup is important too.
Aiming for Glory
Currently, LIVALL is expanding its product range from smart cycling helmets; smart commuter helmets and smart ski helmets, to smart helmets for E-Bikes, E-scooters and Electronic motorcycles, and LIVALL will announce its new E-helmet and new Biometric wear at IFA Berlin in September.
LIVALL aims to build a ‘Creative and intelligent Chinese manufacturing’ leading international brand. Smart safety is the number one priority for the company, which can be seen by the 170+ global patents, 58 of which are product invention patents, along with 40 industrial recognized international awards.
All of LIVALL’s products have passed strict technical and safety certification for users, establishing unparalleled consumer confidence in the products available.
LIVALL’s ultimate mission is to be the world’s best innovation company in smart safety protection.