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Kongsberg Clutch Servo for Trucks

Commercial vehicles in Australia must withstand rigorous operating conditions. Driving across the vast expanse of the country requires access to high-quality aftermarket parts for European trucks.
High-quality aftermarket parts for trucks are affordable, last long, and can enhance performance. Longer service life and advanced performance can improve your margins and lower the overall cost of ownership of your truck.
This article is about the Kongsberg clutch servo system for commercial vehicles. Kongsberg products are known for their reliability and durability. Using proven aftermarket parts in your truck minimizes the risk of unplanned roadside failures. It also boosts your driver’s confidence on the road. Read on if you would like to know more about Kongsberg and its clutch servo.
History of Kongsberg Automotive
Kongsberg is a global manufacturing company that originated in Norway on 20th March 1814. The company was known as Kongsberg Vapenfabrik or Kongsberg Weapons Factory. Kongsberg’s founder, Poul Steenstrup, started the company to create jobs and improve the regional economy. Today, Kongsberg has more than 11,000 employees and revenue of about 14.4 million Norwegian Crowns.
Kongsberg Vapenfabrik formed the Kongsberg Automotive division in 1957 to produce brakes for Volvo trucks. Thirty years later, in March 1987, Kongsberg Automotive became an independent company and member of the Kongsberg Group. Kongsberg Automotive has a dynamic aftermarket department that provides support to manufacturers and truck operators across the globe.
What does a Clutch Servo Do?
A clutch servo is an essential component of a heavy vehicle’s clutch assembly. Its role is to amplify the force the driver exerts on the clutch foot pedal. The clutch servo drives the clutch via a mechanical lever system. Yet, the clutch servo is driven hydraulically by the clutch master cylinder.
Kongsberg Automotive began building clutch servos in 1975. The company integrates user feedback and special requests into its research and development to improve all its products. Today, Kongsberg is a market-leading global supplier of aftermarket clutch servos. Below are some features that make Kongsberg clutch servos stand out.

  • Precision engineering: Kongsberg clutch servo consists of an anodised, monoblock aluminium housing. The aluminium housing is machined in a single operation. This method enhances accuracy and minimises irregularities.
  • Long-lasting: Kongsberg clutch servos are built with very high wear resistance. This enhances its durability and enables it to withstand challenging driving and weather conditions.
  • Aluminium construction: The Kongsberg clutch servo’s aluminium casing makes it lighter and more corrosion resistant.

Special features of the Kongsberg Clutch Servo
Kongsberg Automotive provides several alternatives to support the unique requirements of each client. As such, the company can equip its clutch servos with the following features where necessary.

  • Visual wear indicators: These indicators enable technicians and truck operators to detect clutch wear easily.
  • Pneumatic 3/2 valves (SPV): Pneumatic valves are designed to protect the truck’s transmission
  • Flexible valve solutions: This facilitates tuning the foot pedal to provide a specific force and feeling.
  • Special exhaust solutions that support submersion
  • Linear position sensors

All things considered, Kongsberg provides some of the most versatile clutch servo solutions available. The company has successfully sustained a culture of success for more than 200 years. Few clutch servo manufacturers can match the skills and experience Kongsberg Automotive has to offer. The company’s aftermarket division is dedicated to continuous innovation. Today, Kongsberg Automotive is one of the leading providers of aftermarket parts for European trucks in Australia.

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