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Julia Knight: Empowering The Party Host To Be Their Most

Julia Knight learned early in life what makes for the best parties: Great company, delicious food and drink…and a way to make it all look beautiful and effortless. Understandably, hosts and hostesses have guests and food in mind. But the beauty and effortlessness of throwing a party are the two areas where most people could use a little (or a lot) of help. And that’s where Julia Knight found her calling. As the Founder and CEO of a world class manufacturer and design firm of her name, Julia Knight gets you excited about entertaining and decorating with her stunning serving and home décor pieces that promise “Five Minutes To Fabulous.” And it’s that very promise that has more than 450 retailers in more than 40 countries worldwide placing increasing larger orders year after year to satisfy the demand of their clientele.
Leading a Fabulous Life with Courage
Before she became the Go-To Gal around the globe for creating memorable parties and beautiful homes, Julia Knight had her share of hurdles to jump. Most had to do with her bold, Type-A personality as a young woman working in industries that were heavily male dominated. But it was that ambitious fire inside her, that she learned from her dad, that made her the success she is today. He was a successful CEO and his Daughter Julia was his best student. So, despite the discouragement that would make most women wilt, Julia trusted her instincts and followed her heart by blazing her own trails in business, founding her first company at the age of 31. Later, Julia went on to create three more companies, solidifying her legacy as a true entrepreneur.
Julia believes one of her biggest challenges as a CEO is being informed by facts and figures but still having the strength to make a gut decision in the face of disagreement. And at times, that leaves and entrepreneur feeling very much alone. However, she could not be more pleased with the present trends in the industry and business. The home décor industry continues to challenge her creativity and imagination. And fortunately, entrepreneurship is better supported now than ever before, especially for women. According to Julia, women entrepreneurs can truly challenge the status quo with curiosity and imagination. And their examples of courage are going to help create more entrepreneurs, male and female alike, and make the world a bet designs
ter place as well.
Décor above the Rest
There are many home décor companies worldwide which claim to lighten up a home unlike any other. However, what separates Julia Knight from the rest is not only her designs, but the usability of her pieces. Surprising to most, The Julia Knight Collection is all food safe and even oven safe up to 250-degrees Fahrenheit. What’s more, her pieces are incredibly durable, both scratch and chip resistant. And all food types are perfect for her pieces…even acidic foods, fruits and sauces. But this is why The Julia Knight Collection is so highly coveted around the world and her following so incredibly loyal. They know that the piece they love and buy today will be like new for many years, if not generations to come. Many people can create décor. But it has taken the perseverance, experience and determination of Julia Knight since 2001 to perfect her unique genre of style and longevity.
Just this month, Julia was a finalist for The TableWare International Award of Excellence for one of her newest lines call Eclipse Marble Mist. It happens to be one of her fastest selling collections to date. What started in grey and white marble has since expanded into Rose Marble which launches in April 2018.
Another key to Julia’s success has been knowing how and when to expand, and at other times, to pull back from the wide range of serve ware, gift ware, bath accessories, and home décor statement pieces. Her love for pets has even inspired her to design some prized bowls and containers for her and her customers’ loved dogs and cats.
Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Julia Knight and its products are made using an ancient Indian handcrafted sand-casting process in small batches. Each item’s interior is then hand enameled in color palates that range from sheer bold excitement to rich timeless sophistication. Done in combination these legendary artistic techniques survive the test of time.
Beauty with a Higher Purpose
A big fan of love, life, and friendship, Julia knows that deep down we all want these blessings. So where other designers stop at beauty, she takes beauty to artful entertaining with grace, ease and an extra helping of joy. Whether you are a seasoned cook or a lover of takeout food makes no difference; your gathering is going to look and feel fantastic in just a matter of minutes. And on a spiritual side, she feels a sense of honor knowing that she was able to help.

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