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John Rampton: Entrepreneur, Connector, Online Influencer

John Rampton, Founder and CEO of Due is a serial entrepreneur and loves building amazing products and services that scale.
Along with being an entrepreneur, John is a renowned Speaker, an Online Influencer and is known as an expert in marketing businesses; one of the reasons behind his success in all the domains he steps is – constantly working and pushing toward what he wants. On his journey, he learned that being a networker and connector can really speed success because you don’t have to reinvent the wheel, but you can build it off with the help you receive through the network you create. His enthusiasm, sense of humor, and desire to treat others well, can be assumed to be very helpful for becoming a connector. When you do good things for others, good things will come to you.
At Due, his responsibilities include operating a socially responsible, forward-thinking, and transparent business that directly responds to the needs and problems of his customers and the target audience.
Due: Payments Made Awesome
Founded in 2015, Due began with an online invoicing platform that was designed to help freelancers and small business owners. Due has helped thousands of companies and freelancers get paid faster and increase their cash flow while offering a professional, branded approach to payment requests. After a year of operation and thousands of requests, Due began to offer payment services to its customers.
Due offers a wide range of payment options, including eCash, eChecks and ACH, and domestic and international credit card process, as well as a digital wallet to store payment information and funds.
Genesis of Concept
Before founding Due, John had spent a significant amount of time in Internet Marketing and around the domain real estate business. While scrutinizing the domain market, John realized that some of the domain names which were on the sale had a partial platform with their unique customer lists, so he came up with an idea to put them together into one larger online invoicing business and leverage his personal experience of online marketing to turn that idea into a full-fledged business.
Over the first year, he could see that there was a larger opportunity among freelancers, small business owners, and startup founders to make an end-to-end solution that would cover everything from project management, time management, and invoicing to payments of those invoices. So, he built Due, which is benefited by every professional who intents to earn online.
Using Content and the Technology to build a Unique Platform
Due is unique because it goes beyond just technology and offers considerable content to provide his customer base with the assistance they need to make better decisions about money that can enhance their operations, grow their business, increase cash flow and provide a more sustainable environment through greater efficiencies and fewer overhead expenses related to the laborious tasks that every business has to do. It’s  this content and ongoing value he had as a partner to his customers that makes his company different from other online invoicing and payments companies out there.
Biggest Lessons Learned by John in his Words
The biggest lessons come from selling another business and getting a large payout. While I thought I was set because of it, I soon learned a tough lesson that the money disappears much more quickly than anticipated, if you don’t take more care to create as lean an operation as possible to maximize what you have to work with. When I burned through the money, it was much harder to launch the next business and I had to get really creative to get enough funding. The next time I sell a business after building it out, I will know how to do more with less resources, using this experience to remind me to strategically spend money only when necessary and to seek out free tools and assistance as much as possible.
Staying ahead in the Competition
According to John, the current state of the market is an ongoing evolution and change directed by a compliance and regulatory environment that is continuing to work towards global standardization. Innovation is helping provide some solutions that address the challenges of standardization across a wide range of financial institutional frameworks as well as concern over fraud and data security. So, it’s an exciting time to be involved in the online and mobile payments industry.
In this exciting time, John plans to continue to add more value through features, solutions, and content that gets answers and assistance to his customer base faster than the competition can. “Through participation in industry articles and trade shows, I am also working on developing my thought leadership role in the industry to create even greater distance from the competition,” he added.
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