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Is Smyrna, TN, the Right Place to Move?

Smyrna is a town in Rutherford County, Tennessee, about twenty minutes from Nashville. The town was originally an agricultural center with many large farms and plantations but has since revolutionized into a top-notch urban center famous for the great amenities it offers and able to accommodate people from all walks of life.

Smyrna, TN is a family-friendly town with lots of green spaces, and it’s voted as one of the top ten ideal American cities to retire in by the US News and World report. Here are the top four reasons you should consider living in Smyrna, Tennessee.

1. Safety

Smyrna, Tennessee, is ideal for you and your loved ones to settle and retire. The town is ranked among the top fifty safest cities in Georgia.

According to the local law enforcement, the number of daily crimes in Smyrna, TN, is 1.16 times less than the Tennessee average. The violence rate in Smyrna is 1.75 times less than the Tennessee average and 1.01 times less than the national average.

And regarding the safety of your property, the property crime rate is 1.06 times less than the Tennessee average. However, you must choose a qualified real estate agent to help you find a house in a safe neighborhood.

Overall, it is 37% safer than other Tennessee cities and 27% safer than other cities across America.

Going by these statistics, it is right to say that Smyrna, TN is a safe place to move to. The chances of being a victim of violent crime in Smyrna is 1 in 260, and a victim of property crime is 1 in 43.

Remember, no place is a hundred percent safe, so always take charge of your security first.

2. Social Amenities.

There are great free sites to camp and hike. And there are state parks where you can hold picnics or relax on a beautiful sunny afternoon. Smyrna got you covered if you are a social and outdoor person.

This town is riddled with the great restaurants that offer exquisite meals and bars and clubs in the town center, ensuring you are not denied a fantastic nightlife.

Smyrna is also great as a tourism center as it has various historical sites. There are many places to hang out with your friends and family over the weekend in Smyrna.

Here are some of the best places you must visit when you make that trip to Smyrna.

  • Walden pumpkin farm
  • Sam Davis home
  • Malco theater
  • Lee Victory Recreation Park
  • Captain Jeff Kuss USMC memorial
  • Smyrna public library
  • Gregory Mill Park
  • Sharp Springs Park
  • Rock Springs Park
  • The salt barn
  • Game galaxy arcade
  • Sullivan’s sports bar
  • Skate center

3. Business Opportunities

Are you looking to open up a business or invest in real estate? Look no further than Smyrna, TN. It is a thriving urban center with a growing population of about fifty-three thousand people as of the 2020 census. So you can be sure that your business will pick up in no time. The town is a historical hub that houses tourists from all over America and beyond who visit the historical sites. Therefore, you can open a business targeting locals and tourists.

You can also join the Smyrna business association, which is a platform for Smyrna business owners to network and promote their businesses.

The benefits of becoming a Smyrna Business Association member are:

  • A year of exclusive business networking events and local business opportunities.
  • A member profile on the SBA website member directory
  • Discount tickets for business networking luncheon meetings on the first Thursday of each month.
  • You can promote your business within the community on the SBA website and in publications.
  • Member-only discounts and deals on the SBA member marketplace

4. Cultural Diversity

If you are looking to live in a culturally diverse community, then Smyrna is the ideal place to live. The depth of cultural diversity in Smyrna, Tennessee, is unparalleled.

The town’s cultural values are influenced by the occupation of five large ethnic groups. The white population takes up the most of Smyrna with sixty-seven percent of the population, African-Americans taking up fourteen percent, Hispanics taking up 9.31%, Asians taking up 4.94%, and mixed-raced people taking up 2.36%.

The benefits of living in a multicultural society are:

  • More lifestyle options.
  • Open-mindedness
  • Inspiration for creativity and innovation
  • Valuable language skills: You learn more than one language, which improves your communications skills and opens up more opportunities.

4. Education Opportunities

Smyrna, Tennessee, provides an excellent platform for you or your kids to get a great education. There are thirty-four preschools, eleven elementary schools, seven middle schools, four high schools, fifteen public district schools, and twenty-six private schools.

The student-teacher ratio in most schools is 12:1, with forty-six percent of students at Smyrna elementary scoring at or above the proficient level for math and twenty-three percent scoring above that level. It is also good to note that the minority student enrolment is at seventy-three percent, and the student population comprises forty-four percent female students and fifty-six percent male students.

Scientific and research institutes also allow you to further your knowledge in various fields, including the medical world. The clinical research solution institute, for example, provides access to cutting-edge clinical trials for major pharmaceutical companies, bringing the latest and most therapies in various indications.

There are also universities in Smyrna, TN, such as Fortis Institute, Motlow State Community College, and Middle Tennessee State University. This ensures that your kids have access to higher education, improving their chances of employment.

Final Thoughts

If you judge from every aspect of living, it is safe to say that Smyrna, Tennessee is the ideal place to settle at any stage of your life. The town offers excellent amenities for different groups of people, so you feel included and your wants and needs satisfied.