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Is PR Still Relevant In This Day and Age?

Considering how PR has changed over the past few years, are you wondering if it is still significant today? In this article, we have covered the evolution of public relations and shared what is PR in the digital times. By the end of this write-up, you will be able to understand if you need a PR agency in today’s age or not.

A Foreword on What is Public Relations?

Public relations, or PR, has been the most effective strategy for branding and marketing of products since the end of the 19th century. For those who don’t have a crisp understanding of what is PR, let us break it down. PR is a deliberate communication strategy that aims to strengthen the relationship between a brand and its target audience.

It is a strategic way of creating brand awareness by sharing the right content with the right audience at the right time. PR agencies were highly preferred by business owners to create a buzz about their product in front of the public and bridge the trust-gap. PR is an effective way to maximize your reach by identifying the right influencers and collaborate with them to cut through the noise.

The Evolution of Public Relations into Modern Day PR

Ever since this term was coined, PR has been evolving depending upon the transformation of market trends. PR campaigns that existed back in the day have almost completely changed today. The conventional PR primarily depended upon phone calls, and chasing journalists and personal assistants of big celebrities, which was later followed by emails to some extent.

Today, public relations have become an important digital marketing strategy with smarter ways of communication. Here is a breakthrough on how PR has evolved over the past few decades:

· Traditionally, newspapers were also used to build a PR campaign but today, social media plays a huge role instead. Brands can create their business pages on various platforms and engage with their customers to create an emotional connection and make their product “needed”.

· The larger the social media followers, the higher the chances of direct collaboration with influencers without involving too many people.

· Encouraging influencers and your customers to spread a word of mouth for your brand through reviews has completely transformed how traditional PR worked.

· High ranking on various search engines is also sure to increase your brand awareness and the willingness of top influencers to directly connect with you for collaborations and promotions.

· Modern-day PR can also be done through pay-per-click advertising and inviting more people to your campaign.

5 Compelling Reasons Why PR is Still Yet Dead in the Age of SEO

The history of PR is interesting and has paved the way for modern opportunities. Although the traditional PR is certainly dead, its contemporary counterpart is still ruling. Even in the age of SEO, modern-day PR can bring more business prospects your way and you will see the investment coming back within a few months.

Here are the top five reasons why the right PR agency can double your business growth today:

1. Increased Online Metrics

An effective PR campaign can steadily increase your social media and website traffic as well as engagement which further leads to more conversions.

2. Better Brand Reputation

The number of followers doesn’t matter if your audience doesn’t feel like navigating towards your products and services. The right PR campaign will increase your brand reputation and gradually help it strengthen its roots over a few years.

3. Increased Sales

Once you build your brand credibility, people are more likely to take interest in your products and purchase your new launches more quickly.

4. Gain Potential Investors

The higher the brand reputation, the more the customers and the “investors”. So, even if you’re planning for a larger product launch, you can easily have many investors already interested in working with you.

5. High ROI

Investing your time and money in PR is sure to return on its own. After all, once your brand outranks its competitors and establishes itself well, you’re going to have a higher customer base and generate more leads.

The Bottom Line

We hope we helped you understand the history of PR, its evolution, and its importance in modern times. No matter how much money you spend on social media advertising, you cannot create an emotional connection to make your product “wanted” if you neglect public relations. You can measure the success of your PR campaign through social media engagement, shares, high domain authority, site traffic, backlinks, and conversions.

Now that PR is not dead, what are you waiting for? Get up and strategize how you can take your brand to newer heights.

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