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Introducing Wallester: An Innovative Leader in Card Issuing

Headquartered in Tallinn, Wallester is quickly becoming one of the most prolific fintech companies in one of Europe’s most prominent startup hubs.

They are a licensed White Label Visa card issuer and payment provider. Their diverse team of success-driven professionals is innovating transaction processing services using an all-in-one model.
They have made it their ultimate mission to serve businesses of all sizes on a global scale. Wallester’s modern technology has enabled them to offer turn-key and cost-effective payment solutions for sizable corporations and startups seeking scalability. We invite you to discover the leading reasons to rely on Wall-ester for your card issuing.
Trusted Payment Solutions at Unrivaled Speed
Wallester’s financial services expertise yields successful relationships across the payment ecosystem for those seeking a secure platform that meets the highest standards for safety. Their platform adapts flawlessly to distinct industry needs and can be integrated into internal systems via a reliable, robust REST API.
Cards are issued based on the White Label model with complete data control, in addition to the possibility of tokenization and customization. Their first-rate IT technologies bestow a multi-stage security system that meets or exceeds exacting international standards for data protection.
Ease of Integration
Wallester places a high focus on a seamless, speedy integration system. Companies appreciate the ability to build their card program while minimizing the complexity of integration. Getting credit programs to market in a timely, uncomplicated manner is constantly a primary focus. Wallester’s expert back-office support and talented implementation team fail to disappoint.
Wallester Mobile App
With their rock-solid mobile app, Wallester allows existing partners to have fast access to the latest features that support them in making effective financial decisions. The app offers an expansive array of crucial elements, including easier payment transfers, completing purchases online or at POS terminals, tracking balances and expenditures, biometric sign-in, and the ability to set limits for specific cards and transaction types.
Visa Principal Member Status
Thanks to the elite degree of quality and active development of its services, Visa has awarded Wallester with esteemed Principal Member status. This allows Wallester to issue all types of Visa cards. Additionally, this status provides the ability to independently make payments to counterparties and directly interact with payment systems. Allow Wallester to be your guide to the Visa world to enhance success in any market.
Unlimited Scalability
Wallester’s custom financial solutions assist in starting and scaling any business. Their scalable cloud infrastructure has failover and redundancy features and conforms with all Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards. With ready-made solutions for modern on-demand services, retail marketplace platforms, online banking, and more, Wallester has cemented its status as an industry leader focused on client growth in its targeted business segment.

Premier Expense Management Solutions

Utilizing individualized programs for the management of financial flows allows companies to optimize their cash control system. Wallester has rolled out advanced expense management systems and allows companies to launch personalized Visa cards (debit, credit, and prepaid) for business clients.
Using a modern interface for expense-tracking and real-time card customization yields new windows of opportunity for company development and service expansion. Push notifications through a special mobile app can be sent to employees to remind them to forward photos of receipts. This enables instant payment processing and the ability to properly track spending.
Fastest Gig Economy Payments
The gig economy is flourishing and has spotlighted the need for daily payment structures for those earning a living by freelancing. Wallester can set up sharing economy employers with an expedited, efficient, and safe way to provide daily pay. This payment is accessed on physical or virtual Visa cards, so workers have fast access to income through online purchases and ATM withdrawals.
Estonian FSA Endorsed
Successfully obtaining a cross-border license for EU and EEA member states has given Wallester the green light to provide financial services, execute payment transactions, and trade freely with minimal additional approval required.
Besides Estonia, Wallester is authorized to provide services and operate in Finland, Belgium, Bulgaria, Spain, Croatia, Denmark, Italy, Ireland, Iceland, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, France, Austria, Romania, Germany, Greece, Cyprus, Latvia, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Malta, Sweden, Norway, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, and Hungary
Those looking to upgrade card services or make a sure-footed entry into card issuing can rely on Wallester’s pioneering solutions to create a sustainable business model and consistent revenue stream.

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