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Hannah Testani | COO | Intelligent Audit

Intelligent Audit: Offering Smart Solutions for Smart Logistics

A new industrial era has dawned, and the technologies have yet again paved the way for industrialists to innovate further. In today’s market, not only is change happening quickly but, it is also forcing businesses to transform quickly. There is now a constant flow of innovation, disruption, that is moving us ahead, even faster than we ever imagined.  However, the shift that companies are going through is not just about adopting new generation technologies. The customer expectations and market dynamics have also changed resulting in creating a competitive and disruptive business environment.
Hence, to thrive, companies must transform how they operate. An agile organization allows a company to increase the pace of execution, better respond to customer needs, increase productivity, and even empower employees.
With an intention to offer effective solutions to prevent any setbacks, to bring agility in business and achieve superlative outcomes, many companies are coming forward with best-in-class services and solutions. Intelligent Audit (IA) is one such service provider.  This Freight Audit and Payment provider is focused on reducing transportation costs through automated audit and freight recovery, business intelligence, and contract negotiation solutions.
Blend of Business Intelligence & Supply Chain
IA is a technology leader in parcel and freight audit, business intelligence, and spend optimization. Its proprietary technology, paired with its team of strategic account managers, provides an unrivaled ability to uncover opportunities for cost reduction and process improvement.
IA’s cloud-based solution addresses logistics pain points using data-driven analytics and reporting to analyze, benchmark, optimize, and help shippers gain critical insights into their global transportation networks. With best-in-class audit and reporting technology, clients see are able to leverage their data to reduce costs, enhance real-time visibility, and improve the end-customer experience.
With more than 2,500 clients representing over $12 billion in annual transportation spend, Intelligent Audit prides itself on providing clients with the tools and insights to help them ship smarter,”  says  Hannah Testani, the COO of Intelligent Audit.
Automated and Efficient Solutions
IA’s continued goal is to provide clients with an unrivaled ability to uncover opportunities for cost reduction and strategic logistics and supply chain improvements.  Some of the solutions offered by IA include:
Freight Audit and Recovery: Conducts systematic audits across all modes and regions with more than 150 audit touchpoints and a true contractual audit. Its proprietary technology automates issue identification, claims submission, and recovery.
Business Intelligence & Analytics: Acting as an extension to the analyst team, IA helps in achieving real-time visibility to all global transportation activity in IA’s proprietary cloud-based reporting portal. Leverage normalized data to track performance, identify inefficiencies, and prescribe solutions.
Spend Optimization: The experts at IA determine optimal carrier/service mix based on business objectives. Utilize ‘big data’ to benchmark against like-shippers. They also develop a roadmap for network optimization strategies, such as zone skipping or footprint redistribution.
Financial Reporting:  IA manages complex GL coding and cost allocation by geography, business unit – even SKU. Provide detailed accruals to track all unbilled carrier activity. The model landed costs and compare them to budget forecasts.
Bank-backed Freight Payment: IA streamlines carrier payment processes to remove the administrative burden of remittance to numerous counter parties with the security and backing of Triumph Bancorp (Nasdaq: TBK), a leader in carrier payment technology and supply chain financing.
Proactive Advisory Services: Dedicated strategic account advisors of IA  proactively analyze your data, identify issues, uncover opportunities for savings, and act as an extension of your team to help you implement industry best practices.
Review on Future
It has already been established that IA is the pioneer in automating the audit and recovery process. However, though IA is currently leading the market, the supply chain market will become even more complex. Hence, it becomes clearer that shippers need access to quick actionable data that allows them to make meaningful operational changes with tangible costs surrounding them.  Therefore, it is IA’s continued goal to develop innovative analytic intelligence to drive efficiencies and optimize its client’s global supply chain processes.
We have always viewed ourselves as a technology company that aims to help shippers become smarter We never dreamed we would have grown to the size we are today, where we have multiple Fortune 100 customers and continue growing annually,” says Hannah.
Our impacts on customers continue to fuel our growth and get us excited about all the opportunities on a global basis. With offices now all over the world, we see ourselves as becoming the dominant player not just in the US, but in the world,” she concludes.
A Business Partner and Unmatched Client Base
Intelligent Audit has been an exceptional partner in helping us maintain and grow the logistics and operational side of our business.  If you are looking for a transportation savings partner, whether for audit, recovery or freight payment, look no further.  You will see results, and your business will thank you,

-Don LaFrance, 1-800 Flowers VP of Logistics and Supply Chain

Fast and flexible, Intelligent Audit has been an incredibly nimble partner in response to the structural changes in our Supply Chain,”

– Blake M. Whicker MSC/Microsoft Global Logistics Manager

“Intelligent Audit’s analytics tools were exactly what we needed to not only test our thesis that we needed to expand our store network, but it also helped us understand how to do so in the most efficient and scalable way possible,”

– Christopher Fall. Manager, Omni-Channel Fulfillment PetCo