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Martin Hubert | Founder & CEO | Freightgate Inc.

Freightgate Inc: 2020’s Most Innovative SCM Solution Provider

The Digital Transformation wave in business has turned the world into one big marketplace. Customers in one corner of the world can view and purchase goods from the other without hassle. While the digital connectivity has grown by leaps and bounds, ground-level connectivity needs to match up for the businesses to deliver their wares to the end customer. Businesses today are looking for integrated logistics solutions that work across all modes and facilitates easy tracking.
Delivering digital transformation and exceptional value to Importers, Exporters and LSPs alike, by offering the most flexible, highly configurable and modular cloud platform, is Freightgate Inc. With an impressive history and proven track record of innovation, the Freightgate team strives in creating solutions that help its customers generate exponential returns.
Always a Pioneer
From Leading Carbon Emission calculations that Freightgate introduced over a decade ago, over zero-touch dispatch solutions for TMS automation to the first fully vertical integrated Total Visibility Solution, The Freightgate Logistics Cloud has reliable components that are designed to empower clients to take control of their supply chain processes.
The Freightgate Logistics Cloud helps Importers, Exporters and LSPs with multi-modal & multi-factor optimized routing, quote management, supply chain collaboration, workflows & visibility, interactive online sailing schedules, regulatory compliance, automated e-invoice audit and more. Freightgate is a part of the SuiteCloud Developer Network and has official Integrated Built for NetSuite applications. Freightgate is ISO 9001:2015 certified and has received many industry accolades including consistently being named an Inbound Logistics Top 100 IT provider.

“It gives us distinct pleasure when we can jointly solve supply chain puzzles and help make the world a better place.”

Unmatched Leadership
Freightgate Founder and CEO, Martin Hubert has more than 30 years of experience in providing IT solutions to the logistics industry. He began his career in 1994, by founding a company that focused on providing track and trace capability over the internet through establishing EDI capabilities with carriers. He then founded Freightgate in 2000 with a vision to improve the IT environment for logistics companies and shippers.
His core value is the passion for innovation and never-ending improvements. He strives to provide innovative logistics solutions, fostering global collaboration and productivity, while building a highly configurable platform with a global-by-design philosophy. Martin seeks to deploy technology to find smarter ways to solve today’s and tomorrow’s supply chain challenges.
Technology: The Opportunities and Hurdles
Deploying and adapting to ever-changing technology is a tedious yet necessary task. Martin has never shied away from utilizing technology to provide the best to Freightgate’s clients. In the current scenario, the opportunities with IoT and AI are to reduce the impact of delays in shipments before they become major disruptions and have severe economic consequences. AI can also be used in supply chain planning, looking for ways to improve the supply chain processes overall. To tackle the challenges with IoT he made an investment into a Tracking Manufacture which now makes Freightgate the only 100% vertically integrated Global End-to End Visibility Platform. One of the challenges with AI is the need for vast data sets – Freightgate’s long history in the hosted supply-chain technology field uniquely affords them with rich historical data far beyond what is available to many competitors.  And naturally the team is constantly seeking out new ways to apply emerging technology to deliver exponential value to its customers.  Empowering the end-user to orchestrate the various puzzle pieces flexibly yet intuitive is never as easy as it sounds.
Moving ahead with a Workforce that’s Diverse and Efficient
Freightgate hires diverse, multi-cultural workforces, with logistics industry experience. The company culture is that of free speech and respect. Having a professional team of “out-of-the-box” thinkers that has in-depth experience in orchestrating solutions on top of its global-by-design platform sets it apart from the rest. That, paired with the desire to leverage the best expertise all of its employees and extended team members. The management encourages an open-door policy and ensures that one can directly address the right person if one has any questions. “Every employee is invited to bring possible improvements and show stoppers to the table. Our customers know that and prefer this solution-oriented thinking,” adds the team.
The team also shares the future plan as “We envision a bright future helping our customers improve their supply chain and leverage the solutions we have worked so hard for decades to put together.”
Outstanding Services, Delighted Clients
As partners with Freightgate for over 20 years; Support for product development, systems analysis, problem resolutions and follow up as well as system innovations. OUTSTANDING! I’m confident we and Freightgate will to remain partners for years to come.” – Gartner Peer Insights Review
Implementing the Freightgate TMS has been a seamless integration, from initial configuration to final implementation and production; the team at Freightgate has been consummate professionals and BDP’s customers stand to reap the benefits of this great partnership.” – BDP International Press Release
We view Freightgate as a strategic technology partner…they are an integral part of our GLOBE initiative – a distinction that no other outsourced IT provider shares… net result of a relationship with Freightgate is a competitive advantage in the market place.” – Nestle Waters North America