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Corey Marcotte | President & General Manager | Intec Automation

Intec Automation: Providing Solutions for Manufacturing in the 21st Century

The automation industry is on the threshold of the fourth industrial revolution.  Due to increased consumer expectations and advancements in technology, there has been an increasing demand for premium quality products and a rising need to improve the industrial processes for both quality and speed.  Therefore, organizations across the globe are encouraging the deployment of industrial automation solutions to stay competitive in a global market.  Manufacturers strive to offer quality systems to consumers and to meet their continuously evolving requirements.
Intec Automation is a pioneering leader that designs and builds custom industrial automated machinery and production systems.  For over 20 years, the organization has been designing, building, and delivering hundreds of automated systems for a variety of markets all over the world, including Medical, Life Sciences, Aerospace, Automotive, Hi-Tech, Consumer Products, Cosmetics, and Food and Beverage.
A Strong foundation
Intec is a highly skilled engineering firm that prides itself on the delivery of robust automation solutions, on-time, with great (ROI).  The solution and cost of the system is directly related to the customer’s application.
Since the company’s inception in 1998, Intec has delivered hundreds of reliable and innovative machines around the globe that help businesses achieve their highest degree of performance. With Intec’s quality solutions, businesses are able to improve quality, increase throughput, measure, control, and optimize their assembly process.
Intec diligently works to meet the requirements of their clientele and to optimize their return on investment.  Intec offers value-driven solutions that are widely acclaimed in the market for creating optimum performance.  With Intec’s 20+ years of experience and expertise, they help their customers solve their toughest problems and they are rewarded with over a 90% customer retention rate.
Ingrained with Great Potential
Brian Crossan, the Founder and CEO of Intec Automation, (, founded the organization over 20 years ago.  His extraordinary leadership steadily transformed Intec from a small business into a highly focused global enterprise.  His initiatives shaped the organization for the future.  Corey Marcotte ( joined the team in 2015 and recently took on the President role of Intec Automation in January 2020.  In this role, Corey is leading the company to the next phase of its success.
Corey brings his technical expertise as well as his business acumen to the organization.  Corey has over 18 years of manufacturing experience in various industries and relevant formal education with a BS in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA.  His real-world business experience has him well suited to continue the year-to-year growth of Intec on the consistent 15-20% trajectory it has experienced over the past 5 years.
Brilliant Designs and Solutions
Intec Automation offers customized solutions for an array of product assembly and value-added processes.  Some of the smart solutions that have enabled its customers to gain a more productive and quality product over their competition include, but are not limited to, Needle Crimping and Bending Machines, PCR Tube Delivery and Fill Systems, and Medical Kitting Assembly Machines.  Intec has been a trusted source for factory automation equipment and specialty assembly and inspection processes for over 20 years.
Intec’s automated assembly systems carry out a variety of complex tasks, such as bulk feeding, welding, inspecting, capping, filling, taping, labeling, and RFID and barcode scanning.  Additionally, Intec has diverse expertise in data collection for customer’s ERP systems.  Intec has deployed systems with Cognex and Keyence visions systems with image collection and storage and is well versed in data collection and compilation using PI, Siemens Camstar, and Rockwell Automation’s Factory Talk.
Development Experts
The organization uses Solidworks as a mechanical design platform and creates the customer’s solution in 3D at the initial phase of the project, allowing the customer to visually see their system prior to starting production.  This allows the customer an interactive experience with Intec’s design engineers and ensures the customers receives exactly what they want and need.
Intec employs diligent and knowledgeable professionals who are skilled in their respective fields.  These professionals include mechanical engineers, electrical and controls engineers, project managers, mechanical and electrical technicians, field service technicians, and machinists.
Intec’s electrical engineers are proficient in programming Allen Bradley, Siemens, Mitsubishi, and B&R Automation.  Additionally, the company has expertise in additional robotic platforms, including IAI and Fanuc.
Intec is also equipped with expertise in part handling, inspection with bulk feeders, and Keyence and Cognex industrial vision systems.
Intec believes in employee enhancement with continuous employee training, improved customer relations, and refinement of the manufacturing and quality systems.
Service Capabilities
Intec’s internal expertise ensures a pleasant experience from project inception to Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT).  Intec’s experts make sure that the solution is designed and built to comply with the client’s formal Statement of Work (SOW).  After installation at the customer’s site, Intec continues to offer extraordinary customer service.
Intec ensures that each machine is operating efficiently and to the agreed-upon requirements, prior to it leaving the factory.  They stand by their work, providing additional support and/or training, as requested.  Intec’s determination to an unwavering quality product has enabled them to deliver unparalleled systems at a great value.  The high percentage of repeat customers confirms Intec’s attention to detail.
Combined capabilities
Intec has distinguished itself in the market by partnering with Epson Robotics, Rockwell Automation, SMC, and Service Engineering.  Together, they can develop solutions more quickly, increase end-to-end automation, offer better connectivity, and increase value to its customers.
While the organization has incredible solutions with strong ROI, these partnerships help in developing smarter systems which enable the customers to benefit from the best technology, while reaping the service and competitive-cost benefits.
These partnerships have strengthened Intec’s solutions and have been a critical element for providing unmatched value.  Intec continues to look for partnership opportunities with technology partners and system integrators.
Intec continues to grow both in sales as well as physically, with plans for a new manufacturing space expected in late 2020.
Remarkable Achievements and Recognition
Intec’s focus on technology, new product innovation, domain expertise, integrity, and a keen eye on customer satisfaction, has fueled their success.  Most recently, Intec was highlighted in the ‘Top 10 Machine Vision Solutions Providers 2017’ by Manufacturing Technology Insight.  Intec was awarded this honor based on its focus on quality systems within their automation systems.  Also worth noting is that Intec is both a Cognex and Keyence Industrial Vision certified organization.
Optimizing Business Operations
Intec is currently going through an ISO 9001:2015 certification process to improve the documentation and quality control systems within the organization.  Intec also attends the major industry trade shows to network and explore new technologies to ensure that their designs take advantage of the most robust and technically-advanced solutions on the market.  This effort enables Intec to share reliable, proven, cutting-edge technology with its customers and ensure that its customers have a competitive advantage over their competition.  Be sure to check out this company and see if it makes sense to partner with them on your next automation project.
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