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iClick Interactive Asia Limited: Building a Digital Bridge To Connect The World to China

China is often referred to as the manufacturing hub of the world. Some people also believe that it is next superpower in making. However, there is a lot more to China then what meets the eye. For example, China is also home to a billion consumers who are becoming increasingly wealthy; making the country a super attractive market for multinational companies. However, there are some hurdles along the way too. The Chinese online commerce is led by Chinese companies. Chinese citizen use their own version of Google, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc., making it difficult for multinational companies to plan and execute a single digital marketing strategy across the board. Additionally, many Chinese citizens do not speak English. Hence entering the Chinese market through on ground investments is still a difficult task. Thus, it is imperative for multinational companies to find allies in China to enter the market and navigate the challenging and rewarding reality in the upcoming future.
One company which has helped several national and multinational companies to draw big paychecks in China is iClick Interactive Asia Limited. The company is an independent online marketing technology platform that connects worldwide marketers with audiences in China. iClick provides several options to marketers including native ads, video marketing, social ads, campaigns, etc. The value of reaching the Chinese audience on a personal level is important and more and more companies are starting to see the value in it. For example, iClick recently collaborated with several multinationals to help them meet the right audience online and consequently, boost their sales.
A Brief Introduction
iClick was established in 2009 and is currently headquartered in Hong Kong. After its successful start, the company has expanded operations across eight locations in Asia as well as in London. iClick prides itself in building cutting-edge technologies, which deliver omni-channel marketing capabilities. These technologies are in line with the best marketing practices in China as they help fulfill various marketing objectives in a data-driven and automated manner.
One unique and advanced access solution developed by iClick is iAudience. This solution allows marketers to search, identify, and customize to meet the right end user. The application of this solution allows marketers to harvest the power of the most important search tool used in China. Companies can reach their core audience using appropriate keywords in the relevant context.  iClick also uses another advanced tool named ‘iAccess,’ which allows marketers to identify target audience based on their gender, age, income levels, geographic locations, interest, device, and device operating system. By using analytic tools to identify right keywords and relying on complete information of the audience, iClick provides unimaginable power to the marketers.
Delivering Results to the Giants
iClick recently worked with Audi and Huawei to help them achieve a greater share of the Chinese market. While working with Audi, iClick was expected to provide a grand opening for the new A6L in the hearts of younger, tech-savvy crowd. This audience is not the usual Audi target market which often relies on high-end customers to boost its sales. In response, iClick helped Audi identify their core audience through data driven solutions. After identifying the core audience, iClick campaign delivered a mix of Open Splash and In-Feeds ad formats to enhance user engagement. As a result of this campaign, Audi was able to reach over 43 million unique mobile users in just 14 days. The campaign was a huge success as it reached 70% core auto spending consumers on a personal level. iClick with their video engagement for Audi was able to hold the attention of over 43% of users through their feed for the entire duration of the video. Similarly, when the company worked with Land Rover on a marketing campaign, they were able to convince more than 2500 consumers to opt for a test drive.
The Footprints of a Great Leadership
Sammy Hsieh is our CEO and one of the co-founders of iClick. He founded the company with a vision to redefine the digital marketplace with data, insights, and innovation. Prior to founding iClick, Sammy held top positions at several large technology companies. Sammy was the director of Search Marketing at Yahoo Hong Kong during 2000 to 2008, during which he oversaw its business operations, including sales, marketing, business development, and product management. He received his bachelor’s degree in economics from the prestigious University of California, Los Angeles. Sammy continues to take the company to greater heights with a vision that is original and meaningful to iClick’s clients. Under his leadership, iClick has dug deep into online channels covering millions of mobile apps and websites to help marketers, especially multinational marketers, navigate through the fragmented landscapes of the Chinese digital arena. Sammy believes that the future of iClick is extremely bright as its marketing platform is built on highly scalable and reliable cloud-based infrastructure. Such infrastructure allows the company to serve far more clients than their competitors and offers the client with complex marketing solutions which are the need of the hour in the digital world.

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