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How to Train your Puppy for Toilets Effectively?

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When you own a pet and training your puppy, toilet training is one of the important parts of your schedule. The process of training your puppies requires a lot of patience and determination. While toilet training your pet, you should apply positive reinforcement techniques instead of punishment ones. Make sure the potty-training schedules remain easy for both you and your pet.

What to Do While Training Your Puppy?

Stick to A Definite Feeding Schedule- Your puppy should be fed twice a day. Make sure you are feeding your puppies at the same time both times every day. Natural elimination may take place after every meal. So constant feeding needs to be avoided to create accidents and confusion within your house.

Take Out Your Puppy Often

Puppies, especially the ones who are younger than 12 weeks, should be taken outside every one or two hours. As the puppies are developing muscles for holding their eliminations, they should be taken out frequently for developing the good habits of taking your puppy out after playing, eating, drinking, or sleeping.

Crate Training

You should select the proper size of crate, especially for the large breeds which grow very fast during their puppyhood. Dogs never prefer eliminating their waste in the place of their sleeping or eating. So it is always recommended that a proper safe place is created for the elimination. Make sure that the puppy has enough places to stand, turn around, and lie down comfortably while eliminating. Canine by Design can help you to select the proper crate according to the size and the comfortability of the puppies.

Identify the Situation When Your Puppy Needs To Go Out

Proper supervision is required and you need to identify when your puppies need to go out. You should learn the signals or the clues when they need to go out. Most dogs will circle, sniff, whine, or sit beside the door when they require elimination.

What You Should Not Do While Training Your Puppy?

Use Punishment

When you use punishment instead of positive reinforcement, dogs will not be trained properly. They will become fearful of the owners and other people who punish them. Outdated training techniques like hitting the pet with newspapers, or rubbing their faces are not acceptable in the successful training methodologies. Kindness and patience are features that are required for training the puppies.

Using Potty Pads

Pee pads are available for the puppies. But they should not be regularly used as a substitute of going out. When you allow your puppies for eliminating in their potty pads might confuse them on where they should eliminate.

Not Following the Schedule

Not following the proper feeding schedule and consistent potty breaks may confuse the puppies and may disrupt their behavior.


Being a pet parent is a great responsibility, and the parents should always stick to the schedules for effective training. If you are able to provide with frequent trips outside, your puppies are comfortable in eliminating outside. When more number of times the puppies are successful in eliminating outside, they will become potty trained.

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