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How to Refresh Your Website and Boost Your Business

A website is almost an essential part of having a business nowadays, so if you don’t have one yet then you’ll need to start there. However, even those of us who do have one could usually do some work to improve it. If you’re really honest with yourself, how much time do you devote to keeping your website up to date? We should all have a website plan, to ensure it’s full of relevant information and is doing the job it’s intended to do. If you’re struggling a little for what to include in yours then we’ve provided a quick start guide to making sure your website is doing all it can for your business.
Keep it Specific
One of the reasons that people’s websites perform poorly in terms of traffic, is that they’re being far too general. Unless you’re one of the biggest providers in the world of your product or service, then you should consider including your location in your headings. This might feel like you’re cutting out a section of your potential target market, but the opposite is true. For example, if someone is seeking for a package printer for their Idaho-based firm, they may choose to use a local company than a large global one. Not only could it save them money on postage costs, but they might be able to make a smaller order. As well as that, often business people like to keep money within the local economy, as they recognise the benefits of doing so. With all of this in mind, it’s highly likely that instead of Google searching for ‘packaging printing’, they’ll search for ‘packaging printing Idaho’. If your website heading and slug doesn’t mention your location, then you stand no chance of showing up. Anyone who has included their location will appear first and the massive multinationals next.
This needn’t apply solely to location; it should be anything that helps your business stand out. You might have impressive eco-credentials, you might be family-owned, you might be able to take bespoke orders. Whatever niche your business fills, make a point of including that information in the most prominent bits of text on your website. It’ll make it a lot easier for people to find you. Then, once you’ve got the traffic, you can start diversifying and beating the big boys to the top of the rankings!
Get Professionally Reviewed
Insert Image Here >Image< Caption: Always be on the hunt for a 5-star review
Once you’ve worked on your specifics, it’s time to let everyone know how brilliant your business is. There are lots of ways of doing this. If you already have plenty of happy customers then be sure to open a Google Account, as well as Yelp, and whatever other review services are relevant to your business. Ask your customers to review you and feature some of the best ones on your site. The other way is to ask professionals to review you.  There are plenty of websites that exist which specialise in reviewing one specific thing. Vegas Slots Online prides itself on reviewing and recommending the best online gambling sites, so customers come to this website to choose where they would like to play online. The presence of these sites makes it simple for consumers, as they can easily scroll through and see information quickly like star ratings, available bonuses and operating systems. Then, once they have found a business that they want to play with, they can click through for more detailed information.
Whatever your industry, there will very certainly be a comparable website where you can compare yourself to your competition. The only thing you can be certain of is that your review will be favourable. Make sure you follow these website refreshing tips before asking for that all-important review!
Become a Guest Blogger
If you’re looking for a way to climb even higher up those search rankings, then becoming a guest blogger for others in your field can be a good way to achieve that. Although there is no one way to be a successful business, this is one of the simplest shortcuts. Collaborate with those in your field to create posts that are relevant to their website and can link to your website. Always ensure that your links are valuable, directing people to an area of your website that they might want to find out more about. Start small and see if you can achieve one guest post per week. See if you notice results and if you do, build it up to become a permanent part of your marketing strategy.

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