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How to Increase Productivity for your Small Business Team

With the current pandemic gradually easing its grip on the world, productivity is increasing everywhere, and you need to shift gears accordingly. It can be done with the help of various activities that will help to forge your team anew. Not only will your people get the chance to relax but at the same time, you will get new inspirations as well. Let us check out a few activities that you will need to do to get the ball rolling, so to speak:

  • Establish a culture of accountability
    Transparency is critical for the success of just about any business, big or small. Issues start occurring when people don’t pull their own load. Ultimately, productivity is always a measure of time that is well spent. In other words, the mere presence of more availability in terms of hours will not guarantee that the time spent by an employee will be beneficial for the organization as a whole. Neither does it mean that the hours will actually be put to good use, for that matter. First and foremost, you have to determine that the team members are actually putting in the required hours.
  • Motivate your employees
    By showing your employees their colleague’s achievements, you can easily motivate them to work more enthusiastically and generate great ideas for having a successful team. You can use different tools for this, like the wall of fame or digital signages, which can catch others’ attention. Using digital displays as a motivational tool for recognizing outstanding employees can demonstrate accomplishment as well as the current status of a goal and how close staff is to achieving it. The other ways to motivate your employees can be flexible working hours or rewards for doing a great job.
  • Use all the latest collaboration and communication tools to your advantage
    Communication is of pivotal importance in today’s post-pandemic world. The new reality today lays heavy emphasis on reduced physical interaction as well as a lot of remote work. This is why merely shooting various emails to and fro will not be enough. Even the smallest team has to be well equipped with the latest communication software and hardware so that they will be able to coordinate anytime, anywhere.
  • Check their sign-in-sign hours
    You should know when they show up for work or sign in and when they sign out also how they spend their hours. Extended coffee breaks that consume the whole morning, as well as the time of the other staff members, are a red flag.
  • Create excellent working conditions
    You have to understand that happiness and fulfillment are absolutely critical to overall employee performance.  That doesn’t mean you install a bar in your office, but you will have to take care of the simple details. Make sure the furniture is of good quality, and the chairs don’t stress the back and neck muscles of your employees. Other than that, you have to make sure that your office is neat, clean, and there are plenty of plants there. It has to be well ventilated, airy and should have adequate lighting facilities. Having a climate control system is also desirable.
  • Throw surprise parties
    You can delight them by throwing surprise parties and holding impromptu games, and rewarding everyone with free pizzas, milkshakes, and the like. You can also give them gift vouchers and tickets for the movies. You can also schedule a specific day when all the staff heads out to lunch or dinner. It would also be a good idea to have a casual day at the office where everyone dresses the way they like without being judged. These gestures will forge a more close-knit team.
  • Eliminate all time-wasting activities
    It is very simple, really. If you want high-quality output and you want a lot of it, you will need to get your whole team focused on achieving organizational goals. If your teammates show up for work, log on and start spending their time on social media while clocking in their hours, everyone will lose out in the long run. You have to encourage your employees to be motivated and to keep a notebook for the day’s activities. The more active they are, the better it would be for everyone concerned.
  • Increase outdoor activities
    You should consider conducting outdoor activities together as a team to increase productivity and enjoy time together to both relax and to become inspired. For example, you and your team can go biking. In this case, you will enjoy the outside breeze better with a motorized bicycle. In order to transform your traditional bike into a motorized one, all you need is a motorized bicycle kit, and you are good to go.

You can increase the productivity of your team by making sure that they show up on time and are motivated. You can also do the needful by organizing motorized bike trips outdoors.

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