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How to improve your presentations with mockups, speech, and other tips

Online presentations have become a ubiquitous form of communication in the modern business world. Whether you pitch your ideas to potential clients, train your team, or present important information to stakeholders, online presentations provide a convenient and effective way to connect with your audience. However, not all online presentations are created equal. To create an engaging and memorable presentation, you must focus on making it stand out from the crowd.

Use laptop mockups

Here are some tips on how a laptop mockup can help to make your online presentation better. Digital tools called laptop mockups imitate the visual style of a laptop screen and gadget. They are frequently used in graphic design and website development to demonstrate how a program or website would appear on a laptop screen without needing a physical device. Because of their adaptability, laptop mockups may be utilized for various applications.

Mockups are helpful in two situations: when your product isn’t ready yet, or when you don’t have quality photos. For example, you discuss a conference you will hold in your speech. There are no photos from it yet, and posters and signs have not been printed, but you can already demonstrate the future design of the room. It is enough to choose a mockup and place branding on it.

One of the main benefits of using laptop mockups in your online presentation is that they help to provide a clear visual representation of your ideas. Instead of simply describing your thoughts, you can use a laptop mockup to show your audience what you mean. It can help to ensure that your message is clear and easy to understand and that your audience is engaged throughout your presentation.

Another benefit of using laptop mockups in your online presentation is that they can help to create a more professional look and feel. You can create a business ppt template presentation that looks polished and well-designed using high-quality mockups. This can help to build trust with your audience and make them more receptive to your ideas.

Finally, sometimes the product is there, but there are no high-quality photos. In this case, it is also worth resorting to mockups: so that the slides are uniform and beautiful. Mockups are inserted into a presentation as ordinary pictures, like photographs, illustrations, or icons. But first, you need to prepare a mockup.

Talk about past accomplishments to highlight current

In January 2007, Steve Jobs held the most remarkable presentation of the Apple iPhone ever. At the beginning of his speech, he promised to present three devices simultaneously: an Internet communicator. And he did not deceive expectations, although he revealed to the world only one device.

Of course, only Apple can make a presentation the way Apple does. But every company has its reasons for pride. Show how your product has improved, how the geography of branches has expanded, or how many people the staff has grown.

Show how your product works

If you want to find partners or raise investments in your business, consider making your presentation easy to understand. Show in one slide what stages your activity involves and in what sequence they replace each other. Use icons, shapes, and shades of colors associated with the movement for ease of perception.

Show teamwork

Even if you don’t create high-tech robots and aren’t connected to digital technologies, you can borrow a couple of good tricks from IT companies to make a presentation impressive. Show production processes, team members’ interactions, or just your workplace. But do not spend too much time on this so your “inner kitchen” does not tire the audience.

Plan a spectacular exit

A preview slideshow is an excellent way to build interest and prepare your audience for your entry. Use this technique if you have a few minutes before starting your presentation.

Follow the four-maximum rule

If you’re thinking about how to make an excellent presentation, remember the four-maximum rule:

  • use a maximum of 3 colors for the entire presentation design;
  • place a maximum of 15 words on one slide;
  • use a maximum of 2 different types of font;
  • use a maximum of 2 different font colors.

In conclusion, laptop mockups are valuable for creating an engaging and memorable online presentation. But you should also consider your speech and appearance and make your presentation informative and visually appealing – this will help you achieve your business goals.

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