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How to Choose the Right Solar Panel for Your Home

It’s important to know what size solar panel you will need to meet your needs before making a purchase – the panel should be big enough, but it also should depend on other factors like climate and household usage. Read this article for advice on how to choose the right size, method, and cost for solar installation in Bakersfield.

Where should you buy solar panels?

People looking to go solar for their homes might wonder where they should buy their panels from. If they purchase a set from a roofing or construction supplier, they could end up with equipment that is older and not labeled correctly for solar. For the best quality panels, customers should browse through manufacturers’ websites.

Solar panel types

Since solar panels do not create electricity on their own, they need to be positioned in a shaded area with an adequate light source. There are many factors that you should consider before deciding on the best ideal placement for your panels, including grants for solar panels that can help offset the costs. Once you find the right spot and power source, constructing and maintaining a system can be quite simple and inexpensive with the help of these grants.

Pros of Incandescent vs. Fluorescent Displays

Displays that are fluorescent represent genuinely lower production costs. A fluorescent panel generally produces 95 lumens per watt, while an incandescent panel ranges between 85 and 90 lumens per watt.

Determining your solar panel size

Over the years, solar panels have improved and changed the way we generate and use electricity today. Before you buy a solar panel, it’s important to look into what shape your roof is and what you want to achieve with it. Learn about solar panel sizes before buying.

Ground Mount vs. Roof Mount Solar Panels

Ground Mount panels, which are also called Earth Pointing, are the most popular type of solar panel out there. This is because mounts on the ground of your roof so they can capture more sunlight. But don’t worry! Solar panels on the roof aren’t obsolete just yet! Roof Mount panels are important for places where you have less ground space or heating needs.

Where to Install Your Solar Panel System

Having the perfect location for your solar panels is of the utmost importance. You can choose to install solar panels on your roof or in the ground and require mains power. If you want to run both of these off the same energy source, then an external inverter unit is needed. Paying for grid-tie inverters means that you never touch mains power, and everything still works, but if you live in an area that is energetically pricey or just high demand on electricity, then a battery-based system is more economical and better suited.

Where not to Install Your Solar Panel System

Before installing solar panels on your property, read through the following to find out where not to install the system for the best results. Do not install solar panels in areas with cold, shady, or poorly insulating roofs. It is important that the roofing material is able to absorb sunlight efficiently and provide heat at night.


Do not underestimate the importance of solar panels for your home. Solar panels will allow you to save money by eliminating costly energy bills, but first, consider what type of conditions exist in your area. If your home is subject to high winds, storms, or cloudy weather, invest in a panel that is more rugged and durable.

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