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How to Choose the Best Discounts for a Sustainable Lifestyle

Most of us are trying our best to live a more sustainable and environmentally friendly lifestyle. When trying to form new eco-friendly habits, it can be tough to navigate making sustainable purchases considering how we’re constantly bombarded with discounts and deals for the latest products claiming to be “green” and eco-friendly.
But did you know that one of the most sustainable decisions you can make is to only buy products you actually need? Shopping with coupon codes is a great way to save money, but it’s important to not get carried away by the savings into buying stuff that isn’t actually necessary. We’ve come up with a list of 4 great tips that you can use to help you choose the best discounts for a sustainable lifestyle.
No matter how much we try, eventually you will need to buy some products! There’s nothing wrong with using a coupon code to shop for a necessity – it’s actually a good financial decision. The trick to saving is to pick a coupon from a trusted coupon site that hand verifies each of their coupon codes. Through BravoDeal, a deals and discount website, you can find thousands of coupon codes for not only eco-friendly and sustainable products, but clothing, electronics, home decor and everything else you could ever need!
1. Shop for eco-friendly and sustainable products
One way that you can use coupons to help sustain your new eco-friendly lifestyle is to only use coupon codes to buy products that are environmentally responsible and sustainable. But what does “eco-friendly” actually mean? The Federal Trade Commission’s guidelines say that for a product to be labeled “eco-friendly” the packaging must explain why the product is environmentally sustainable, but companies often use some rather misleading practices to get around this.
To make sure you’re only using your promo codes on actual eco-friendly products, look for products that have been certified by third-party organizations like Fair Trade Certified, The Rainforest Alliance and Green America’s Green Business Certification. That way, you’ll always know that your product is actually sustainable and not just green washing.
2. Delay purchases
Don’t fall into the trap of making impulse decisions. Before redeeming any coupon code, give yourself some time to truly consider your purchase. Sometimes we can get enamored by a great deal and make an impulse purchase even if we don’t really need the item we’re buying. Allowing yourself some time to reconsider your purchase can prevent unnecessary spending decisions. Just make sure that you make your decision before the coupon’s expiration date!
3. Spend more for high-quality products
If you can’t make do without an item, consider buying a higher quality piece. Every time you have to replace an item there is an environmental cost associated with that purchase. By choosing higher quality and more durable items, you’ll need to replace them less frequently, and as a result, you’ll save on that environmental cost.
Shopping with a promo code is a great way that you can afford higher quality products without going over your budget. Another great way to save on quality items is to be patient and shop during Black Friday or end-of-season sales when retailers are eager to get rid of their old stock.
4. Do a cost vs. labor analysis
Any time you make a purchase you should do a cost vs. labor analysis. It’s a great way to remind you of the actual cost of a product and can help prevent unnecessary purchases. A cost benefit analysis consists of figuring out how many hours you would have to work to be able to afford the product you want to buy.
First, start by figuring out the total price of your purchase minus any coupon codes. Then, divide the total by your hourly rate of pay. The number you’re left with is how many hours you’ll actually have to work to afford that item. If that number surprises you, it might be time to reconsider your purchase!

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