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How To Boost Your Career as A Product Designer In 2022?

You might think that the fundamental task of a Product Designer is to design, well, a product!
That is not the case. In fact, if experts are to be believed, the task of a product designer is to understand the user’s needs and requirements and then create something that would be able to address the same in the most efficient manner.
The first and second tasks might look similar, but in reality, they are poles apart. In the first instance, a product designer needs to be just aware of his tools, concepts, and the brief that his company has given him.
In the second one, he or she needs to have marketing knowledge, brainstorm with survey teams and then employ the professional skills for the task at hand.
In this article, we are going to look at some ways and strategies that can help present and aspiring product designers boost their career opportunities in 2022. Before we get to the list of strategies, let us first look to assess the roles and responsibilities of a product designer.  
Product Designer: What are some of the core responsibilities?
A Product Designer, in simple words, is responsible for the following-

  1. Identifying the potential problems that exist with the current product in the line-up and the overall market.
  2. Finding solutions about how the new product should address some of the problems and challenges that currently exist.
  3. Devising and imagining the end product along with its features, designs, and other specifications.
  4. Developing the first, second, and third prototype models after brainstorming with the entire team responsible.
  5. Preparing the product design in the most efficient, affordable, and valuable manner for the brand and its consumers.
  6. Working on the marketing and advertising part for the new product’s launch as they understand it the best.

As you can see from the above list, a product designer wears many hats and is responsible for several important objectives.  

  • Ways Product Designers can boost their Careers in 2022 
  1. Getting a SOLIDWORKS Certification-

If you are a product designer, you will know how important it is to be an expert in the technical skills of 3D modeling and CAD software. If you become a certified SOLIDWORKS professional, you will be able to give your career a significant boost. The best brands consider SOLIDWORKS as the gold standard when it comes to product design. Knowing the software inside out can help you leapfrog over other designers and become attractive as a talent.

  1. Understanding how Marketing works- 

Ever seen why some of the leading car brands in the world ask their designers to hold press conferences or showcase a new launch for the first time? Do you know why they do this? The simple reason is that, frankly, no one in the organization has as much knowledge or awareness about every single nut and bolt on the vehicle as the product designer does. This means that a good product designer needs to be up to date on marketing as well.

  1. Create a Stellar Product Design Portfolio- 

Designers need to be masters when it comes to building their product portfolios. It need not only be on live and real projects in organizations that you had been a part of in the past. It also means presenting your ideas, designs, and other skills that might not have translated into reality into your portfolio. Maintaining this will help you showcase your talent and expertise in front of an interview panel or when you have a one-on-one discussion with the CEO.

  1. Invest in Networking, both Offline as well as Online- 

You might think that the business ecosystem is too large for anyone to notice your credentials as a product designer. While there is some truth to the same, one way which this can be overcome is by working on your networking skills. Use online platforms like LinkedIn or offline events and get-togethers to establish yourself in the minds of others. The more you network, the better will be opportunities. This starts showing results immediately.

  1. Practice till you drop- 

If you want a straightforward approach to bettering your career opportunities as a product designer, there is one thing that you can do more of- practice. Unless you are practicing on your own for at least two to three hours, you will be unable to become a master at your craft. Constant engagement with sophisticated tools will allow you to hone your skills and create something that will be truly astounding. Practicing is non-negotiable for a product designer.  
The Final Takeaway
There is a growing demand for product designers, especially in the manufacturing sector. Given how brands want to focus on efficiency and sustainability, make sure that you are keeping in touch with areas like green energy and cost affordability. If you have any questions, you would like us to discuss; please let us know in the comments below.

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